“You Are A Horrible Person”, She Explained

It’s becoming a tradition; every year, the Star Tribune editorial board theatrically laments the “death of civility” in Minnesota politics.


Or, to be accurate, the paper – like most other media outlets in the Twin Cities – laments the fact that occasionally, someone hurts a liberal’s feelings.

Last week, the paper ran an op Ed by a Susan Mallison. And, let’s be honest – the episode she relates was pretty darn uncivil:

I wore my Hillary shirt to the fair. As I stood at the Star Tribune booth at the bottom of the Grandstand ramp, suddenly a man approached me so closely that he was invading my personal space (nose to nose). He sneered at me and snarled, “Do you like my picture?” as he pulled something out of his pocket. I was very frightened by his actions, and felt, at that moment, the picture he was shoving toward my face would be of his penis.

It was a picture of Hillary wearing prison garb. I recognized the picture as the image at the Minnesota Republican Party booth that I had seen earlier. The man had mounted it on cardboard, covered it with plastic wrap and was carrying it around in his pocket. Presumably he was looking for people wearing Hillary shirts in order to threaten them.

That’s a little scary – and, let’s be honest, no different than experiences I have had from the other side.   The Strib will never, ever, ever take the faintest shard of interest in any of those, naturally.

But when Susan Mallison cries out “who killed civility”, the response is “after all, Sue, it was you”:

I intend to proudly continue to wear both my Hillary T-shirt and the button that I bought at the DFL booth at the fair. The button says, “Love Trumps Hate.”

The purple faced, outraged caricatures like those that Ms. Mallison relates to us are the comic book version of the real incivility in this state, and in our society: The lumpen, plush bottom, ELCA-coiffed, Volvo driving, Garrison Keillor upsucking, Whole Foods shopping, free range alpaca wearing plush bottomed yoohoos who pin on their DFL issued flair and carry the message that “either you are with us, with the DFL, with Herself, or you are full of hate”.

These are the people who have debased the term “hate” unto meaninglessness.

In your own way, Susan Mallison,  you are no better.

13 thoughts on ““You Are A Horrible Person”, She Explained

  1. When leftist reprobates can truthfully report being spat upon, or physically assaulted they may complain. Until then, they need to look after their own feral ilk.

  2. I was very frightened by his actions, and felt, at that moment, the picture he was shoving toward my face would be of his penis.

    That intuition is what comes of being around disgusting reprobate Democrats. It says more about her than the guy who approached her.

  3. Liberals and Progressives are always “victims”. Such is the nature of their mental disorder and dementia.

    I don’t remember seeing much local media coverage of the Libs and Progs behavior recently at the convention center.

  4. It was that rare occasion when I read the Strib dead tree version – in a waiting room while my carbon footprint expander was getting it’s oil changed – and this ‘op-ed’ appeared.
    First – I bet that this event did not happen, at least in any reality beyond Ms. Mallison’s fevered imagination. Lefty’s have these weird ‘events’ (see also http://www.slate.com/articles/briefing/articles/1998/02/reich_redux.html ) in their lives that just so happen to perfectly fit a narrative they are pushing and the editors in the Democrat Party Dominated Media Culture (DPDMC) have their ‘too good to check’ filter on.
    Second – Did any of the Trumpalo’s who were shoved, spat upon etc, after the Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis get that many column inches to talk about the lack of civility in politics these days? I only see the dead tree Strib a few times a year, but I’m going to guess that they didn’t. And that was an actual thing that happened and a DPDMC member got video of what the DPDMC came to call ‘aggressive protesting’.

  5. She expected him to pull out a photo of his privates? Seriously?

    I walk around the fair, I see all kinds of people reaching in their pockets, it never occurs to me that they might be carrying genital photos.

    In fact, the most famous Johnson photo-displayer nowadays is Huma’s husband, and the most famously scrutinized Man-Part before his was Slick Willie’s.

    What kind of sick world do Liberals live in, where their first thought is “OMG, I bet he’s going to show me . . . ?”

  6. POD, anti-Strib was good but no one tore the pelts off moonbats and reprobate leftists like Joe Tucci at the Kool-Aid Report.

    Haiku fisking and Fleen…..Sigh…good times.

    Oddly enough, someone tried to pick up the franchise, but it was CRAP made of AIDS and FAIL


  7. This is the type of editorial that I would like to have responded to, citing the same points that swiftee and Scott pointed out. Like all narcissistic libidiots, she is only concerned about herself. Unfortunately, a rebuttal wouldn’t get published by the Red Star.

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  9. Bosshoss, the Strib did print a letter to the editor a day or two later that was a scathing rebuttal. I was shocked.

  10. Wow the Kool aid report. I forgot about that completely. Man we had some fun in the mid 2000’s blog explosion. SITD is one of the few surviving.

  11. reader, I would be pleased that they would print a rebuttal to their diatribe, I wouldn’t have caught it unless STID or others would link to it. Haven’t read the crap they serve up in +25 years, I would have hoped that Glen Taylor would have given them some credibility, but at the end of the day they are just an ongoing propaganda machine and P.O.S. I say let them rot like the dead tree media they are!!

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