Blowing Smoke

As the story of Ilham Omar’s, er, convoluted legal history starts to seep out into the mainstream media, the DFL is starting to do what it does best when it has a hard time managing a story; make threats.

This is a tweet from Tom Lyden of Fox9 about a tweeted “warning” he received from the president of the MN DFL Youth:

Bear in mind, this is Tom Lyden; he’s never been mistaken for a conservative tool.  Or a conservative anything.   Quite the opposite.

Conrad Zbikowski looks like he’ll have a big future as a Chicago ward heeler.   Or a Mafia soldier.

Remember, Corey – if everyone’s a misogynistic racist, then nobody is.

20 thoughts on “Blowing Smoke

  1. So they are going to cut off access which means 2 things, one she never expected to win the primary and two she doesn’t have any media coaching. This is going to be fun.

  2. If you can’t control the facts, control access to the facts, and if that doesn’t work, control access to the press.

    What’s that about when you’re in a hole digging, again? Streisand Effect is full on.

  3. Just a tip to Conrad Zbikowski of the DFL Youngsters and Central Executive Committee….no one likes being threatened. Did the young Conrad just do a Watergate coverup mistake? Make the reaction bigger than the originally issue? Make a left-leaning journalist your enemy. Good move Conrad.

    I am guessing some DFL elder is saying right now “Young Conrad did what? Oh Christ.”
    Prince of Dark…..Yes, Yes, and very much yes.

  4. PoD, no, it does not mean she never expected to win. It means that she’s used to living in a media bubble where only like minded people live. For example, on the Somalispot site nobody thought that her arrangements were notable — they were laughing and joking among themselves about it. Now that she’s won and the DFL have to “own” her, they’re going to scramble to explain her background, immigration fraud, etc.

    The problem was her vetting. If the DFL weren’t so PC this would have been brought up during the primary and Khan would be the nominee. But the DFL is too PC to see beyond the fact that she’s a Somali/black/female and thus immune to any scrutiny.

  5. Prince of Dark…..Yes, Yes, and very much yes.

    He sold his soul to me a long time ago.

  6. Does Conrad think he is Saddam and that Fox9 is CNN? Sure seems that way.

    I’m curious at how this young Conrad thinks this is going to work with the reporters. With his threat, anyone who doesn’t dig more into this will also be accused of knuckling under and kill his career. And I think the reporters care more about their careers than keeping Mr. Z happy.

    (Strange, but Mr. Z doesn’t look all that young in his photos. I guess the Democrats have a different definition of “young”. That makes sense since they think 26 year olds are still children.)

  7. Strange, but Mr. Z doesn’t look all that young in his photos. I guess the Democrats have a different definition of “young”. That makes sense since they think 26 year olds are still children.)

    When you just had two septuagenarians fighting it out for the top of your national ticket, young is relative. Plus, a lot of the “youngsters” were aborted in the last 30 years.

  8. “Strange, but Mr. Z doesn’t look all that young in his photos. I guess the Democrats have a different definition of “young”.”

    Young Republicans is up to 40.

  9. “for the piece on made-up bullshit.” Of course our young professor doesn’t tell us what bullshit or prove that it is bullshit.

  10. There is a lot of immigration fraud in tight knit immigrant communities. Many of the Central Americans my wife used to hire at her restaurant had wives and children both in the US and in their home country. Cousins, aunts, uncles, and family friends become siblings and parents for purposes of immigration. There are some big DFL law firms in the Twin Cities that love doing pro bono work for illegals, so get ready for a fight.

  11. I have seen Tom Lyden on Fox News several times over the past few years, talking about the Minnesota-Somali jihad connection. He seems to be the only one of the local media members doing so.

    Then again, the Linden Hills and Bloomington park incidents, except for a relatively mundane article in the Sun Current a few weeks ago, haven’t even been touched. At least the Sun article was on the front page.

  12. You seem to be asking the wrong questions.

    First of all, going back to the primary source for the story, Somalia spot, there are statements that have no support or substantiation – that Ilhan Omar AND her supposed spouse wrote they were married. Wrote where? There is no evidence to support that, and everything else pretty much hangs on that claim they considered themselves married somehow somewhere.

    That seems to be false.

    Of more interest is that it is highly unlikely that anyone at Powerline reads or comments at Somali Spot. It appears to be an extremely low activity site on the web.

    So, 1. it appears someone planted this story; and 2. then someone contacted Powerline to run with it to smear Omar.

    I was singularly unimpressed with the job Powerline did on fact checking this story. Or perhaps that was the point – to only selectively look (although not as effectively as say the STrib) at marriage license filings, while failing to mention that no license was ever filed for a completed marriage? And NOTHING on how they came to find the story on Somalia Spot? NOTHING on the incredibly vague “they wrote they were married” part of it?

    This is clearly a smear job, of which Powerline is apparently a willing participant — and as is Mitch. There is a willful lack of critical thinking and an abundance of failing to check it out.

    Which is why I call you sloppy Mitch, and why I consider right wing media to be nothing better than propaganda pushers – in this case opposition prop pushers.

    I can only delight in how this is backfiring on the right in the Somali community.

  13. First of all, going back to the primary source for the story, Somalia spot, there are statements that have no support or substantiation


    They are supported and substantiated by the fact that a search of court records (by Scott Johnson, who is a lawyer and does this sort of thing for a living) showed more marriage certificates than divorce decrees.

    I was singularly unimpressed with the job Powerline did on fact checking this story.

    Not to appeal to authority, but…oh. You, a fever swamp blogger who writes anonymously to shield yourself from the consequences of your actions, are “unimpressed” with the job Scott Johnson – one of the people who took down Dan Rather, and an actual lawyer – did in going through court records.

    Bring a little more substance than your opinion, mkay?

  14. Hey DG – Ilhan Omar can clear this up by releasing her tax returns that will prove who she claims as a husband. Or is she committing tax fraud too?

  15. from today’s post at powerline:
    the following 2 phrases jumped out at me for several reasons
    “we decided to end our relationship in our faith tradition”
    “and we divorced in our faith tradition. “
    first both phrases employ nearly identical weasel word phrasing that
    second, avoids actually using the word sharia which is exactly what “our faith tradition” means
    and finally the DFL PR machine clearly worked their buts off the last couple days to find the words that won’t offend her Somali constituency while at the same time not alerting her non-Somali constituents that like it or not she intends to work in the legislature for the legal recognition of sharia in MN.

  16. It is a reasonable request to have the candidate release her tax record. That would clear up a lot. If she married and divorced in her faith tradition, that is fine. No law is broken there. But if she filed as married with her current faith-driven-married husband that might be tax fraud. Also where is she employed. Last year I had to send my employer a copy of our marriage certificate for my wife to be covered by my employer’s health plan. Is faith-tradition-husband also getting benefits through her employer under false circumstances.

    Those of us with brains know the DFL is abusing the Somalis on their DFL plantation. The candidate is getting bad advice from her handlers and they are pushing her like a pawn. One of these days the Somalis will be upset when their boys start becoming girls, or marrying other boys, and the girls start aborting their babies, etc. When they look around as to who encouraged such insanity and who was the party of “no” then things will change.


  17. Excuse me, you miserable wretch…will you lean forward so I can beat you down with these rolled up FACTS?

    New Evidence Confirms Rumors About DFL Candidate’s Marriages
    These filings suggest that Hirsi, Elmi and Omar were all living at the same Columbia Heights home from the time of Omar and Elmi’s marriage in February 2009.

    Our anonymous source tells Alpha News that Ahmed Hirsi is Ilhan Omar’s cultural husband. The source said, “The two have been married Islamically and at no time were they separated.”

    Alpha News can verify this statement through an interview with Ahmed Hirsi is identified as Omar’s husband as reporter Sarah Lahm states, “After having started their daughter, Isra, in kindergarten in Minneapolis, Omar and her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, moved to North Dakota so that Omar could finish her bachelor’s degree in political science.”

  18. I will say this about Omar; at least she and her husbands are not plotting to shoot up a gay bar. Plain vanilla fraud is a step in the right direction, especially if you’re laying out a career in the Democrat party.

  19. I think the key issue here is the question–not adequately answered–of whether husband #2 is indeed her brother. More or less, she needs to produce a man with that birthday who is not her brother, or demonstrate that her brother’s birthday/etc., is not that of the man on the marriage certificate.

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