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  1. Sarah Silverman tells Bernie’s kids to sit down and STFU, and out waddles Paul “Who is that fossil?” Simon to croak out “Bridge over troubled waters”. He looked like his toenails were being extracted.

    I swear, I’ve never laughed so hard at a convention disaster in my life.

  2. out waddles Paul “Who is that fossil?” Simon to croak out “Bridge over troubled waters”. He looked like his toenails were being extracted.

    You would too, if you were trying to carry off a vocal part you wrote for Art Garfunkel.

  3. “peaked and plateaued in midsummer.”

    keep saying that Emery, its like wishing on a star
    Maybe you could train DG to say it too

  4. Isn’t that what everyone else, myself included, was saying in July 2015?

  5. Kel, don’t you think it’s a bit early to take these polls seriously? I’ll wait till until after Labor Day when more folks are actively paying attention.

  6. again, same thing people like me in the base were saying in August 2015 Emery. If you haven’t figured out Trump is a political anomaly which typical political rules don’t and won’t apply to him (if they did he would have never made it past Iowa), you never will.

  7. POD, eTASS is too busy researching the NRA quote link to understand, contemplate and more importantly, comprehend, the anomaly that is sTrumpet

  8. Dark and dystopian. I wonder what we shall call DNC?

    Old Glory’s Old News To The New Democrats As The Palestinian Flag Flies At The DNC

    Apparently not a single American flag spotted at the DNC convention (I have to rely on others to confirm as I cannot bring myself to watch it, just like RNC).

  9. Old timers remember when a man owed a duty to God and Country. Democrats voted out God at the last convention; looks as if Country is gone from this one.

  10. They booed a prayer at the beginning of the convention, also they exploited a physically disabled adult to try and shame Donald Trump. I mean I know they played dirty but goddamn, even people down here were disgusted. And we have child molesters and serial killers down here.

  11. JPA, same reports saw an old Soviet flag too. Probably was a Bernie supporter who wasn’t born when the USSR collapsed.

  12. JPA, it appears that the flags are there, but not on display at all times. A quick review of articles about the convention indicates this. At least they’re not into the “pastel patriotism” that got them in trouble in 1988, if I remember correctly.

  13. Clinton staffers are probably too busy trying to keep Bernie signs off the convention floor for tonight’s roll call that will be a shitshow hopefully.

  14. Hey MBerg-
    You Know German, right?
    I think there should be a German word for the feeling you get when you know that the Clintons’ have a rep for throwing people under the bus, but you are certain that they will never throw you under the bus, and suddenly you find the Clintons throwing you under the bus.
    I suggest wassermanschultzed.

  15. The word is “betrogen”, I believe, roughly meaning “betrayed”. In a sentence, Frau Wassermann-Schultz ist von den Clintons betrogen worden.

    I don’t know if it would mean the same thing if one said “Frau W-S ist under dem Buss geworfen worden.” My idiomatic German is not good enough.

    Oh, and since we’re not being polite to one another, Mitch, )(*&)(&)(&)(#@!#$! Blessings!

  16. My english lit class senior year in high school introduced me to two classic German words. One of which fits this situation. Schaudenfraude (sp?). Taking great pleasure in the suffering/failing of others. What other language can describe a feeling it takes a sentence to explain in other languages and simplify it into one glorious word?

  17. My favorite is (pardon the lack of umlauts) “Gemuetlichkeit”. If you want to know what it means, I’ll have to explain it over a beer. (it’s roughly speaking the convivial feeling one gets with friends, good music, and a favored beverage….very roughly. )

  18. Everyone who becomes associated with the Clintons should really be issued a red shirt on their first day and required to wear it at all times so that they cannot be surprised by their ultimate fate.

  19. Would it be fair to say that Frank Underwood is a slightly nastier version of Bill Clinton and Claire is for all intents and purposes Hillary? I can’t be the first one to notice the similarities.

  20. “Futterneid” — a word that describes what you feel when you are dining with another at a restaurant, and after the food arrives you wish that you had ordered what the other person ordered, rather than what you had ordered.

  21. Mitch; that would be OUR response, not DWS’s, don’t you think? :^)

    (translation: joy at DWS being thrown under the bus)

  22. POD they totally nailed the Clot with Claire, but Frank is a little over the top for Bubba.

  23. So Wasserman-Schultz resigns as chair of the DNC over a scandal involving her rigging the primaries for Hillary… And ten seconds later, she gets hired by the Hillary campaign. Always nice to see loyalty rewarded

  24. Oops – that should be Wassermanschultzbusunterwerfenfreude,
    Doesn’t Freude mean joy? I don’t think that is right re Wasserman-Schultz’ experience.

  25. Bento; that’s why I said that the word Mitch proposes is OUR response to the situation.

    I propose Clinton-Loyalitaet

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