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  1. My understanding is that the Trump campaign “leaked” the speech to the Democrat Party Dominated Media Culture (DPDMC) who went to get the Clinton Foundations perspective prior to the speech. It was Clinton ally and all-around dirtbag David Brock who wordsmithed the “Dark” imagery for the DPDMC prior to the speech being given.
    It will be interesting to watch the Clinton Foundation rail against ‘the system being rigged’ against the ‘little guy’ (poor little Debbie Wasserman Shultz: the ONLY ONE to get fired for rigging the Demo primary; saying she will make college “free” while Fauxchahantis looks on from a suite counting the $300 large she gets for teaching one class at an institution she perpetrates a fraud on behalf of; while ripping Trump for wanting to build a wall to keep out the undesirables while the Clinton Foundation herself is protected by not one but two walls at the Wells-Fargo center (I would expect some riffs on the “banksters” as well – oh the irony Alanis Morrissette).
    But it will be all papered over by our DPDMC. Just this morning I was listening to the Lefty Neighbor and was told that America’s Dirtymouth Little Sweetheart Sarah Silverman(well except to the unborn) had told the Bernie Bro’s to knock it off and the Sh**show that had been the Demo Convo turned back into a 70’s era Coke commercial again. Thanks DPDMC for always keeping it in perspective – Trump is Hitler (like every Republican candidate since Dewey) and we got to make the Clinton Foundation look good even it takes the national GDP worth of Max Factor & Cover Girl to make it so.

  2. I think people are so jaded it won’t matter. Remember the flash poll on CNN that showed 75% of the people who saw Trumps acceptance speech was at least okay. I think they lost their minds. Plus supposedly more emails are to come. I can’t wait.

  3. While it’s not journalism (anymore, anyway), it is evidence of collusion.

  4. If they’re going to just write about the same thing, why do they insist on getting paid? Or, what bosshoss said. They’re worked up about plagiarism (except for people on the left), and then they pull this stunt? Ahem.

  5. After the rape allegation thing, they can collude themselves to hell.

    Now, the Red Army after WW2, THEY knew how to rape.

  6. JournoList didn’t die, it just changed its web address.

    Look up news on Ken Vogel. My, my, my…

  7. Putin has Melania in place as Trump’s wife. I suspect Putin has promised Trump a new younger Russian bride after the elections. At that time, Trump will divorce Melania and she will return home to the motherland and a hero’s welcome.

  8. I had no idea that the greatest nation the world has ever seen, the one with the strongest economy and the fiercest military on the planet several times over was nothing but a broken pile of rubble.

    I never would have imagined that not understanding what NATO is, how it works and what is does could be characterized as a rookie mistake.

    I heardHillary would abolish the second amendment. Presidents don’t have that kind of authority but don’t let Trump in on the secret. He may get disillusioned.

    But anyway, nothing gets the natives more fired up then a good dose of doomsday and fear. Unfortunately, in order to lead a nation out of such a mess, Trump neglected to tell the natives how he was going to solve all of these alleged problems. He kinda left that part out. The natives haven’t caught on yet.

  9. RickDFL
    yes “dark” is inaccurate!
    As a nation we have many challenges in front of us(none of which involve whether pedophiles can go to the girls bathroom) that Trump laid out in his speech very clearly and he further asserted that we needed to deal with them pragmatically and realistically.

  10. Word on the street is there are fistfights breaking out in the unisex bathrooms at the DNC convention over access to the Glory Holes.

  11. I had no idea that the greatest nation the world has ever seen, the one with the strongest economy ( http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-economy-stalled-again-101500031.html) and the fiercest military on the planet several times over ( http://www.defensenews.com/story/defense/policy-budget/budget/2015/07/08/lawmakers-blast-us-army-force-cuts/29883503/ ) was nothing but a broken pile of rubble.

    It wasn’t until Obozo got ahold of it. You should have stopped at “I had no idea”.

  12. I see eTASS has taken a break from chasing down the NRA quote to let his shit fly on this thread.

  13. Reminds me of “gravitas.” When Bush the Younger picked Dick Cheney, everybody said he added “gravitas” to the ticket. Astonishing how they all grabbed the identical word at the same moment.

  14. Same things happened in August 2007 when the 35W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis. The majority of MSM outlets (local and national) cited the same chanting point about billions being spent in Iraq but no money was being earmarked for infrastructure.

  15. America’s Dirtymouth Little Sweetheart Sarah Silverman

    What is it about being around leftists that turn women into filthy pigs?

    Think about it. All the left’s female big mouths are heaping piles of filth; Silverman, Schumer, Cho, Bernhard, Garofalo, Clinton…I wouldn’t let my dog eat that kind of garbage. These are the kinds of women that make me think twice about Planned Parenthood’s place in America.

  16. Democrats insist every gathering must reflect America, but their convention features two washed-up Jewish comedians from SNL.

  17. “washed-up”? If you look it up in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Scott Baio.

  18. Yep, RickDFL, no celebrities on the Republican side — EXCEPT FOR THEIR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE! LOL! ELEVENTY!

  19. I heardHillary would abolish the second amendment. Presidents don’t have that kind of authority but don’t let Trump in on the secret. He may get disillusioned.

    The president nominates SCOTUS justices. There is at least 1 opening that could tip the shaky 4/4 balance that currently exists, and there will possibly be a couple more in the next few years. They have the power to reverse previous SCOTUS decisions. One of them she hopes “future, wiser” SCOTUS panels “correct the mistakes that have been made regarding 2A”. They’ll undo Heller and McDonald, essentially gutting the 2nd amendment.


    I’m sure that if Killary wins, both Ginsburg and Breyer will retire, secure in the knowledge that their ideology/activism will continue with future nominees. Thomas and Alito had also better increase their 24 hour security.

    If Trump wins, I have no doubt that the only way Ginsburg and Breyer leave will be similar to La Cosa Nostra: Feet first.

  20. Per Bill’s comment, the mass of precedent out there is getting nasty enough so that if we ever get a really conservative President, he’ll need to nominate some originalists who will more or less say “in this case, we must say to h*** with stare decisis, because the precedent is so badly at odds with the text of the Constitution.”

    In the meantime, let’s remember that if the 2nd Amendment means only that the government can arm the national guard, what’s being said, more or less, is that the government can arm the army–as if anyone would ever doubt that! It is, in my view, one of the most idiotic interpretations of law when one considers the implications; that someone would argue for sending the militia or army out unarmed.

  21. Another place where a Hilliary nominee could wreak havoc is in abortion. In the most recent case overturning Texas law requiring surgical level facilities and such for abortuaries, a key point was that no law would be allowed to make abortion unreasonably difficult to obtain.

    Now interpret that in light of Planned Parenthood subsidies; if I am correct that large portions of their network, including many abortuaries, would close if this funding were denied, a slightly more liberal Court would be likely to rule that the government must fund abortuaries to keep the service available. Pretty darned scary, IMO.

  22. “Trump’s dark, fear mongering speech.” As I said elsewhere, the hypocrisy is astounding. Almost every day there’s another dark and fear mongering “prediction” of what climate change will do to us…..somewhere in the future. Some fear mongers are more equal than others.

  23. The real fun is watching the Clinton Foundation telling everyone how dangerous it is the Russians hacked the DNC. Better dead than red, eh Democrats? #tailgunnerhillary
    Not to long ago the $2.35MM Putin gave the Foundation/Hillary’s State Dept. to look the other way for uranium rights was A-OK! Stupid wingnuts, Keep up with times would ya? http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/24/us/cash-flowed-to-clinton-foundation-as-russians-pressed-for-control-of-uranium-company.html

  24. The only thing facing a ‘dark’ future is the straw man industry when Sweet Barry rides on Marine One the final time.

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