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A longtime friend of this blog writes in re h this story, about Hawaii jumping ahead of San Francisco and Chicago in terms of leaning on the law-abiding gun owner; they plan to enter all the state’s legal gun owners into a federal database: 

Scary enough that they are targeting gun owners.  MORE scary that the database they are talking about already exists

I would be very interested in finding out who currently meets the criteria to be included in the “Rap Back” database and is already entered into that database without their knowledge or acquiescence.

The database – no doubt product of an earlier generation of hysteria – tracks “people in positions of trust” – school teachers, bus drivers and the like, allowing authorities to find out quickly if one of them is arrested for anything.

Sounds acceptable, right?

On its surface, maybe.  But to provision the list you need…what?

To know every gun owner in the state.  Meaning the State of Hawaii has the data they need to beat down any law-abiding citizen’s door when they change their mind about the Second Amendment.

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  1. The Brady Bill contained a provision specifically banning any federal database of gun owners–I think this one is likely prohibited by federal law.

  2. I think this one is likely prohibited by federal law.

    So is using public money for abortions….how’s that one working out?

  3. Fed sales pitch for “Rap Back” here:
    deployment was scheduled for 2014

    This is the root raison d’etre”
    “The NGI Rap Back Service was developed in
    response to a need for notification of criminal
    activity that occurs after the initial fingerprint
    background check on persons in positions of trust.”

    think if the MN legislature defined every CCW permit holder as a “Person of trust” and automatically entered their name/info into the Rap Back system at the point where you submit your fingerprints to get your carry permit.

    From reading through the promo material it seems like quite a few entities could “subscribe” to the Rap Back” service including employers. What would it be like if 3M, or General Mills, or UNH got a new CEO who decided to have a “gun free work force” and based their hiring and retention policies on Rap Back information?

  4. Unmentioned in the article is that the police in Hawaii are notoriously corrupt and incompetent.
    I’m stuck in traffic on Alii drive in Kona. Road repair. I notice the cop who is directing traffic has an automatic with no magazine. Lazy bastard didn’t like the weight. I roll down the window.
    “Hey! Officer! I think you lost your magazine!”
    He smiles “Don’ worry, bra! I got one in de chamber!”

  5. Rap Back is a part of the FBI NGI (Next Generation Identification) umbrella system that includes cross referenced databases of:
    Advanced Fingerprint Identification Technology (AFIT)
    Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC)
    Interstate Photo System(IPS)
    Latents and National Palm Print System (NPPS)
    Rap Back Service (RBS)
    Iris Recognition (IR)
    read FBI promo here:

    this has all been developed recently under the auspices of the Obama administration.

  6. BTW, the cops in Hawaii wrote themselves out of local laws that require people with TRO’s to turn in their firearms. Ironic, since in two cases I know of, local cops have murdered their wives. Not a good record, their are only about 150 county cops.
    Here is one:
    And here is another:
    I heard through the grapevine that Pacheco used his 9mm to literally shoot the head off of his wife’s body.

  7. So, all the tin-foil hat guys who’ve refused to buy a gun in any way other than through a private transaction were right all along about background checks being used to identify gun owners?

    As time has gone by, we’ve seen a lot of those tin-foil guys being right. Snowden, this… I’m paranoid and suspicious of government by nature, but apparently I’m not nearly suspicious enough.

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