The World Is Their Safe Space

Faux Feminist “writer” Lindy West blocks conservatives wholesale on Twitter.

How wholesale?

Even lowly little me, Mitch Berg, from the far frontiers of conservatism, am blocked.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.58.09 AM

I actually feel pretty jazzed about that.  Although I shouldn’t; West likely uses some sort of online ‘bot or another to block every account that references conservatism or libertarianism.

I guess I’m not that special after all.

It’s actually a sign of deep intellectual vapidity – being completely unwilling to deal with any form of dissent.  And it’s pretty much the norm on the American left’s social media.  Go ahead – try to leave a question with any leftist on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.03.24 AM

The account should be named “OnlyCertainPeople4Alondra”.

Or Facebook.

I got banned from Rep. Norton's page after asking her to come on my show to discuss her legislation.

I got banned from Rep. Norton’s page after asking her to come on my show to discuss her legislation.

Or on their blog, Youtube channel, Snapchat…

They want the whole world to be their safe space – or at least the only parts of the world they let near them.

4 thoughts on “The World Is Their Safe Space

  1. Gotta give kudos to the person that left those items for Komeraden Norton.

    And, why are so many libidiot women overweight? Are they not following Moochelle’s nutritional guidelines? What kind of libidiot are they? I mean besides being hypocrites.

  2. The annual diversity training at work tells us that we have to respect mental illness by refraining from using certain words. We have to respect other cultures by realizing that they may not be familiar or comfortable with Western ways of doing things. We have to respect other religions and realize that sometimes a person’s belief causes them to not seek certain medical help. I wondered to myself during this training when we will get to the point of respecting Republican political views and respecting Christian beliefs? More caregories keep getting added each year. Maybe someday, but won’t hold my breath…

  3. Seen a lot of this, really. My favorite, to retell a story, is a Hahvid grad who wasn’t even willing to consider the implications of the fact that most wealthy people don’t inherit a large portion of their money. Accepting a premiss for argument’s sake? Now come on, it’s not like we teach logic or rhetoric or anything here!

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