So I guess the withdrawal of Ted Cruz from the presidential race means November will be a contest between an ignorant, cynical, morally bankrupt New Yorker who has accomplished nothing and been obscenely overpaid for it…
… And Donald Trump.

15 thoughts on “Crexit

  1. Sorry, can’t do it. I’ll volunteer and vote, but I’m skipping the presidency on my ballot.

  2. Unfortunately, I have to! If my one vote prevents 4 more years a Democrat destruction of the country, it’s the only way I can go.

  3. I am going to have my barber give me a “Trump” cut. Might be safest that way.

  4. If anyone can reinvent himself and out-moderate Clinton, it’ll be Trump.

  5. Trump is going to set a new standard for inauguration balls. Plus, he will probably pay to have the WH plumbing guilded himself; bonus.

  6. Look on the bright side. Given the history of the American educated class, if Trump was really a fascist he would have the endorsement of the New York Times.

  7. Look on the bright side. Given the history of the American educated class, if Trump was really a fascist he would have the endorsement of the New York Times.

    Good point.

  8. Maybe a President sHillary is best, as that would lead to big Republican wins in 2018. But those federal judges………

  9. Strumpet would be worse than sHrillery because he will completely and utterly destroy Republican brand, a la Boner and Mcccocknell. Constitution means nothing anymore. Nothing. The laws mean nothing, unless they further progressive agenda. The Republic is dead.

  10. I don’t know that Trump will kill the Republican brand. It’s not like he’s been a GOP fixture. He’s running as an insurgent and doing well doing that, which isn’t surprising given the disconnect between our “elite” leadership and the populace.

    Just remember, the governed are rebelling at this stage. A year ago the consensus was that amnesty was inevitable, the only question was whether it would be formal and soon, or informal and sooner. Trump upset that apple cart by channeling what the great mass of the country was feeling vs. what the “elite” folks who never make (or really do) anything. It’s also what’s driving much of the Bernie support.

    Our governing class sucks because so few of our governing class have actually ever done work, so they don’t understand the real impact of their policies. Personally, I’m in one of those elite groups, I guess, given that I’m a “knowledge worker” and benefit from the outsourcing of manufacturing leading to low inflation and a massive net boost in my purchasing power. But I still know many folks who aren’t in the “knowledge worker” category, and those folks are struggling due to outsourcing and I think our policies are destroying the jobs of our citizens. And when you take away a job and make a person a dependent of government you destroy the moral fiber and self respect of a person, and there’s nothing that will hurt the country more than that. It’s one of the things that lead to supporting Bernie, for example.

  11. You hit it Chuck. Trump would have to work overtime to fuck the country up worse than Barry Sotero did, but Hillary could do it with one nomination.

    Trump is a pomous asshole, and he says some really stupid shit but does anyone want to hear Hillary cackle as Fauxchontas Warren takes her seat on the SCOTUS?

    I’d sooner Jam a white hot ice pick in my ear.

  12. Five of my coworkers, three women and two men, that were Cruz supporters and members of the NeverTrump crowd, have decided that even Trump on his worst day, will be better than Shillary on her best day.

    Of course, we then tried to come up with just one of her good days and couldn’t come up with any.

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