When You’ve Lost “City Pages”…

City Pages turns on Alondra Cano.

Which is not unusual – the City Pages, as always,  loves throwing dirt around.

Perhaps more telling? Other members of Minneapolis is DFL-strangled city Council are turning on Cano:

“She’s always late to meetings. Sometimes she doesn’t show up at all,” says a council member, who spoke to City Pages on the condition of anonymity to maintain their working relationship. “When she does, she hasn’t done her homework and has to wing it. That’s what she was trying to do here. The problem is this is stuff she’s supposed to know. It’s city council 101.”

Cano also didn’t have a printed version of her amendment. For 13 minutes, Cano grasped as she tried to figure out how to add her amendment. In other words, what should have been as simple as adding a couple words became a Laurel and Hardy skit.

“Why don’t you try to walk us through what you would like to do,” suggested colleague Elizabeth Glidden.

“I guess should I just read it?” asked Cano.

” — if you’d like me to assist you a little bit,” Glidden offered.

The problem with Cano isn’t so much that she’s absentminded, or apparently thinks that staying in a Holiday Inn Express actually does make you an expert.

No.  It’s the fact that while she bills herself as a “Third World Feminist”, she tends to act more like a “Third World Banana-Republic Tyrant” in real life.

The City Pages has decayed into “bad high school newspaper” territory in recent years.  The only real interesting question in this fracas is “which Minneapolis DFL ward heeler is using the ‘Pages to undercut Cano, and why?

My guess:  whichever councilor besides Cano that files for Mayor in the next city election.  `

6 thoughts on “When You’ve Lost “City Pages”…

  1. I’m not sure she’s lost “The City Pages” more than she’s lost Cory Zurowski.

    I heard him a few times on the morning show of the other, lesser, conservative talker in town. While he wrote/writes for City Pages, he SEEMED to not be a completely nutbag in-the-tank, collectivist/leftist. He showed some signs of logic and reason in discussing things with Jack and Andrew.

    Yes, I realize that by publishing his work, the City Pages is allowing him to speak for them. But hey..

  2. Zurowski isn’t a nutbag lefty, he’s a nutbag that is all over the map with no rhyme or reason.
    As to the council members complaining about Cano, I count at least 2 and possibly 3 quoted in the story. The fact that none of them had the pair required to do it in the open is just another sign that Minneapolis is run by chidults.

  3. Yawn. Tempest, Tea pot. No one cares.

    Minneapolis is thriving, so if this is what it means to be successful is you term the leadership chidults, then those chidults are doing a whole lot better than any conservative policy pushers….

  4. Jack and Ben brought up a lefty blogger nut job, probably another one of Doggy Dog’s pen names, was railing against the story. The blogger seemed to be intimating that since Cano has brown skin, she’s allowed to be an incompetent political loafer.

    And, Doggy, any other government agency or employee that misuses taxpayer info, like Cano did by posting personal info, would have hell to pay. Maybe someone should post your address and phone number, so that you could be subjected to the ridicule and harassment that you so richly deserve. If nothing else, it might teach you that most of what elected DemonRATs do, is nothing short of criminal.

  5. There will always be the Kenwood and SW Mpls residents who will bend over and graciously grab their ankles when the City Fathers call for an additional “obligation.”

    A dog will get used to daily beatings if you reward him with a bone.

  6. It seems like Democrats will accept almost any behavior from another Democrat.

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