Stranger Than Conservative Apocalyptic Fiction 

A friend of the blog writes:

…will be the first to propose that women all wear full burqas in order to protect us from any man we might encounter in public? I mean, it isn’t that much of a stretch when someone is already suggesting segregated transit.

I, for one, predict a system of separate but equal schools…

2 thoughts on “Stranger Than Conservative Apocalyptic Fiction 

  1. But will people be able to use the transit assigned to the gender they identify as?

  2. I remember joking back in 2008-2009 how a huge irony of President Obama was that, with his endorsement of mandatory national service, he was in effect working to repeal the 13th Amendment. And now we apparently have the left trying to bring back a reworked Jim Crow.

    Unless, of course, that separation actually would protect us from the 843000 people on Megan’s list, as Smith points out.

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