4 thoughts on “It Is Better To Signal Virtue Than To Be Virtuous

  1. No, it’s EASIER to signal virtue than be virtuous.

    Paypal is signaling that it is virtuous in places where the culture permits it to be virtuous (by some perverse standard), while it respects “diversity” in places where being actually virtuous would cost it money.

  2. The Democrat party’s burning agenda item today is getting boys wearing yoga pants and lipstick into the girls bathroom at the public grammar school, and men wearing dresses into the public women’s bathroom.

    These are the same people that mock the idea sooner or later, someone will want to marry a turtle and the reprobate left will take up the case…..

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  4. Now numb nuts Springsteen cancels his North Carolina concert. What a pathetic loser. Let’s punish my fans. Ass wipe!

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