Seven Words

Whenever someone on the left mentions Hillary Clinton – ever! – you, and I, need to repeat these seven words that came straight from her entitled piehole:

Earlier this evening, Curtis Houck at NewsBusters noted how Hillary Clinton committed an obvious gaffe for someone who is supposedly radically pro-abortion. On NBC’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked, “When, or if, does an unborn child have constitutional rights?” Mrs. Clinton responded that “the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

If you don’t believe this, then how do you believe rights are endowed by our creator?

It’s simple.  You don’t.

10 thoughts on “Seven Words

  1. This is where the “disparate impact” language could be put to good use. Any given year in MN the percentage of black children that are aborted is between 30% and 39% while the black population of the state remains fairly steady at approximately 12%. We should in the name of equitable solutions support a law that mandates parity. When the percent of black babies aborted reaches 12% then a moratorium on black baby abortions will be imposed thru the end of the year or until the white baby abortions exceed 88%. Sound fair to you DG?

  2. Kel’s comment reminds me of another court decision that decided an entire class of people had no rights–Dred Scott of course. Hilliary re-confirms her support of that eternal precedent, I guess.

    Watch out for George Shelby, Hilliary.

  3. Mitch brings us another poorly sourced right wing attack on women.

    Women have been having abortions with many fetuses throughout recorded history. And yes, we will continue to evacuate our uterus on demand whatever you white bigots say.

    Minority women come to this country for better lives. Whether they choose to share life with a cellular blastocyte is completely their own choice. Deal. Of course Bernie Sanders visited the Soviet Union, why wouldn’t he?

    You bigoted, racist, hatefilled, male right wing theocrats want your cake and to eat it too, but no, the facts are not with you. In fact, I’m heading out to the barn to remove just such a blastocyte, by myself in the privacy, right now.

    Your guns? That’s a laugh.

    I suggest you refer to the excellently factual work of Sylvia Plath for education, and no, there will be no coffee after the movie.

  4. And of course, Hillary is on the right side of history, and women. The Constitution was written by White MEN! Of COURSE mortgage rates have gone sky high; FACTS!

    Right wing propaganda, fact free and yes, I know this is true. More and more women of color are moving into Minnesota, you will soon be irrelevant and as I’ve proved again and again so well, your bibles won’t save you from the factual of that.

  5. “Unborn person doesn’t have any constitutional rights…” Buy yet, I believe, if you kill your girlfriend’s unborn while, say, striking her during a fight, you can be charged with man-slaughter or murder? How?

  6. “Creator” is the sticking point. When your “creator” is a primordial swamp, all truths become self-defined; i.e. you are allowed to make a god of whomever can deliver the most goodies.

  7. you are allowed to make a god of whomever can deliver the most goodies.

    Which the First Amendment does in fact allow…

  8. Your paradigm needs shifting, Mitch. You presume “goodies” are gifts of enterprise and free markets.

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