Happy Easter. You’re Dead.

Read this piece, from MPR, about the bombings in Lahore, Pakistan.

Horrific?  Yep.

What’s missing?

The fairly pivotal fact that the the Pakistani Taliban targeted the park because it was a major center for Pakistani Christians celebrating Easter.

To do so would interfere with the narrative that we’re not involved in a battle to the death with a millennarian, eliminationist death cult (and no, I’m not referring to every Muslim, or even a majority).

Show me a charity that seeks to train, and ideally arm, Christians around the world – especially in Nigeria, ISIS territory, and Pakistan – to resist genocide, and I will hold a fund-raiser.

UPDATE:  Let’s put a hotfoot on that charity providing arms and training to Christians in harm’s way.  And, if we can swing it, tanks and jets and napalm.


(Hat tip to Kel in the comment section)

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter. You’re Dead.

  1. I see NPR updated the story to include that key info. It was just too glaringly obvious for them to pull off. No offense meant to their murderous muzzy pals, I’m sure.

  2. It must’ve just happened. I wrote this last evening, and went as far as to hit “control F” to try to find any references to “Christian” that I missed.

  3. the comment section for this story on the NPR site was a battleground last night – any message that mentioned Christians got flagged and promptly deleted – so someone on the weekend staff was working overtime to maintain the narrative. The on air story at 4am only mentioned that it happened on Easter – by 4:30am they were reporting that the Taliban “claimed” they were targeting Christians. By 6am they were reporting a story very similar to the CNN text.

  4. swiftee: “No offense meant to their murderous muzzy pals, I’m sure.”

    a NPR intern somewhere will take the requisite 10 lashes for the infraction.

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