Two Americas, Redux

As you may recall, I had the great pleasure of hobnobbing with Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Mike Gallagher and Dennis Prager last week.

And we were regaled with Hugh’s optimism…on many fronts.  He’s an optimistic guy.  He also just landed a drive-time network talk show contract with; I’d be pretty sunny too.

But one of Hugh’s rays of sunshine continues to be his faith in the criminal justice system; that it’ll work the way it was explained when he was a 1L at Michigan Law, or maybe 9th grade civics class.  He has that faith in the system that only people in the system have.

In this case, it’s the faith that Hillary will ever be indicted, much less tried, for deliberately breaking federal law with her email server.

It’ll never happen.

Kevin Williamson:

People like Hillary Rodham Clinton do not go to jail without first becoming governor of Illinois or mayor of Detroit, and Herself always has her sights set on a higher office than those. But even relatively lowly players in her world escape jail time. Lois Lerner turned the Internal Revenue Service into a branch of the Obama campaign, using the agency’s fearsome investigatory powers to harass tea-party groups and conservative organizations. She’s enjoying a fat pension right now rather than the federal hospitality she so richly deserves. Kamala Harris, who is trying to do much the same thing with the office of the attorney general in California, probably is headed to the Senate. The Texas prosecutors who harassed Kay Bailey Hutchison, Tom DeLay, and Rick Perry for wholly imaginary crimes are in no danger of facing real recriminations.

One of the few legitimate reasons for a goverment at all is a fair, predictable, just system of justice.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has violated a half-dozen national-security statutes, has criminally withheld information from investigators, and much more. It is a safe bet that the consequences of her doing so will be considerably less than those of failing to pay a parking ticket issued by the duly constituted authorities of Muleshoe, Texas. Something about that isn’t right.

When you lose that, in addition to all the obvious things, you lose…one of the few legitimate reasons to have a government.

16 thoughts on “Two Americas, Redux

  1. I am confident that if Hillary did anything wrong that can legitimately be proven in court, she will be indicted and convicted. (In contrast, it is a damn shame that those who committed such devastating financial fraud have not been prosecuted and locked up.)

    Seems to me I can think of quite a few Republicans who broke the law and went to jail, as well as Dems.

    Given the DoJ has something on the order of a 96% success rate in prosecutions that result in convictions, I am pretty comfortable that the sole deciding factor in going after Hillary will be the evidence. PERIOD.

    So good on your right wing talk radio buddy for his new contract, but let’s face it – right wing talk radio seems to be doing poorly, given the failure of the radio network carrying ol’ Rush Limp-bow and other right wing talkers.

    Fingers crossed for you though Mitch that someone will recognize your talent from Sat afternoons and give you one of those choice good-paying gigs. YOU deserve it, and whatever differences in politics we have, I’ll still cheer for you to get that one of these days.

  2. I disagree. I don’t think the DOJ can afford not to indict her. It’s those TS\SAP documents, see.

    For those that are not familiar with Top Secret\Special Access Program, it includes stuff like the patrol routes of nuke boats, location of deployed special ops groups, satellite intel & like that. It’s the kind of stuff that getting one person killed over would be considered a small price.

    If they give Hillary a pass, it’s only a matter of time before someone else is caught out and about with such highly classified secrets; they cannot afford to set a precedent.

    I don’t think she will do any time, I see a plea to some misdemeanor charges, but I do think she’s gonna do a perp walk.

  3. dg has become quite the regular, I see. I guess the daily readership over at her lunatic bin has dropped below 100k. chuckle

    Nice of you to allow sick, hate filled moonbats a venue to purge some bile, Mitch; you are probably saving lives. We could do without the Jr. Stalker, though, IMHO.

  4. I am pretty sure she will win the nomination and the Presidency for the simple reason that Goldman Sachs needs a return on their investment. A more realistic explanation is that the Obama administration does not prosecute its friends.

  5. DG: The reason Cruz and Trump are stealing the headlines is BECAUSE the system has become corrupt. She won’t be indicted. You cannot indict a Queen.

  6. 1. No Man Is Above The Law.
    2. Hillary is not a man.
    3. Hillary is above the law.

    Can’t see what the fuss is about. The Lizard Queen will ascend to the Rose Garden Throne in due course, after which the beheadings will commence en masse. All is proceeding according to plan.

  7. Dog Gone, you’re so precious “. . . if Hillary did anything wrong that can legitimately be proven in court. . . .” You remind me of Good Ol’ Bill saying “I don’t believe you can find evidence of the fact that I changed government policy solely because of a contribution.” There are big enough lawyer loopholes in those statements, even I could drive a truck through them.

  8. JD, you are using the wrong definition of “is”. You silly goose.

    Huma will be indicted taking the blame and pardoned forthwith.

  9. I don’t believe that Obama is friendly to the Clintons. Quite the opposite.
    Obama’s goal is to preserve his legacy (he actually believes that the shambles that he has made of the US economy is a good thing that he wants people to credit him for).
    If Obama calculates that his ‘legacy’ will be regarded better with Trump than with Hillary he will push for an indictment.
    He may be waiting to see who the GOP candidate will be before he decides if the GOP alternative merits sabotaging Hillary’s campaign.

  10. Apparently, Cheryl Mills and/or Huma Abedin
    copied top-secret codeword information into emails to their boss over the Internet, without also copying the classification markings. “The Emails were not marked classified” is kind of a funny defense.

  11. (In contrast, it is a damn shame that those who committed such devastating financial fraud have not been prosecuted and locked up.)

    Good luck getting the executives at Fannie and Freddie locked up, along with the architects of increased enforcement of the Community Reinvestment Act…..remember who that was? Hint: his initials are “William Jefferson Clinton”.

    Seriously, Doggone, Hilliary’s been found to have over 2000 emails with classified information on her server, 20 rated top secret and over a hundred of which she personally put onto unsecured email. Anybody not a key player in politics goes to jail for 1% or less of that–anyone who’s worked aerospace or defense jobs will tell you that (I’ve held two such jobs, FWIW). So to make the claim that it’s going to be all about the law….my goodness, that’s got to be some good stuff you’re smoking.

  12. The woman mishandled state secrets. Not for a good reason, either. Even if you believe her, she is unfit to be president.
    If you believe Hillary, you believe that a lawyer, who was first lady for eight years, senator for eight years, and secretary of state for four years, still did not know how to handle classified communications. And you want to elect her president? Because you agree with her on woman’s rights?
    And people say the GOP’s Trump problem makes them unfit to govern . . .

  13. To elaborate on Bento’s comments, a Yale trained lawyer with many accolades has mysteriously found herself “unable” to comply with the law. Too darned complicated for her–but not for interns in Space Park back when I was there. Uh-huh. And it strikes me as well that one of the most important women’s rights is the right not to be murdered in cold blood by terrorists and other ne’er-do-wells, a right that is clearly imperiled by Hilliary’s mysterious (but professionally beneficial, no FOIA is possible) “errors”.

  14. A banana republic that, outside of Puerto Rico and Hawai’i, can’t even grow bananas. Sigh.

  15. A banana republic that, outside of Puerto Rico and Hawai’i, can’t even grow bananas. Sigh.

    I do have banana trees (with bananas) in my back yard. Just saying.

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