Crocodile Protest

The following post is going to sound kinda conspiracy-theory-ish.  That makes me a little queasy – but hear it out.

The headlines over the weekend were all about Trump.

As in, all of them.  Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, even Hillary and Bernie, could barely buy a headline; as they used to say, they “couldn’t get arrested”…

…which, for one of the candidates, is suddenly not such a quaint expression.

And while Republicans more or less dropped the “Trump is really a stealth Democrat” meme a long time ago, this weekend started me wondering.

Lesser Of Three Goods:  Let’s say for the moment that Trump is a sincere Republicans.  As we’ve seen, he’s also the Republican that Hillary would rather face (assuming the polls are legitimate).   They keep the focus on him,

So anything that helps Trump to the nomination, presuming the polls are legit, benefits Hillary.

Distracted:  When was the last time you heard anyone outside the conservative alt-media talking about Hillary’s email server, much less Benghazi?

Follow The Money:  The “protests” have largely been associated with Bernie Sanders’ supporters…

…but have gotten ample financial support from the cabal of liberal plutocrats and their shills that’ve been working for Hillary Clinton for nearly 20 years, now?

Connect The Dots, People: So the “protests” simultaneously promote a candidate the Democrats would prefer to face, starve the dangerous ones of media coverage during the heart of primary season, keep the media’s attention off of the marching band of skeletons banging on drums in Hillary’s closet, and provide a couple of layers of separation between Hillary and the protesters, even providing another entire campaign to blame if needed?

I mean, yes, it sounds all Art Bell-y – but isn’t that the beauty of it?



10 thoughts on “Crocodile Protest

  1. And our Democrat Party Dominated Media Culture is noting that it’s Trump’s fault – he shouldn’t wear such a short skirt – he’s begging for it.
    It’s always fire hoses and police dogs with these Democrats. They need to learn a new way to deal with ideas they oppose.

  2. That’s my opinion from the time “the Combover” revealed his chat with Bubba before declaring. It’s a dirty trick by the Clintons, possibly aided by the Mob. And I’m not talking about the “Minnesota organization of bloggers” here. Ask yourself; how did Combover build his landmark building in New York City without the unions and city shutting him down for using scab foreign labor and horrendous working conditions? How did Combover persuade Ben Carson to endorse him? I can excuse Christie, Palin (not the brightest bulb in the chandelier), and possibly even Falwell, but….Carson? There is something going on here that defies logic and evidence.

  3. Geez, Mitch, you act as if establishment politicians like Karl Rove, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell held a secret “How To Beat Trump” conference with top execs from Google, Facebook and Apple on a private island off the coast of Georgia. I suppose you think the Chicago riot was coordinated with media attacks on the theme that “Trump Is Violence” blaming the victim for provoking the assault? Bust out the tinfoil hat, dude. That’s wacko conspiracy stuff, just like the claim that some journo-list group conspired to manage news stories to get Barack Obama elected. Bizarre, man. Check your meds.

  4. Trump is a Democrat. But he’s also a disruptive force that the establishment would never support. Given how the Democrats have structured their convention, he could win the primaries and never win the nomination given the superdelegate structure. So Trump’s only viable path to the Presidency with his anti-elites message was through the GOP, and he was smart enough to realize that.

  5. His campaign is an act. First of all, as you know, he is a mainstream liberal Democrat. His schtick is working though..the whole tough guy borders thing.

    Secondly…. those that have worked with him in business dealings say he is a rational businessman/negotiator. So if he were to get elected, he would governor as a Democrat and be a bit more serious than his campaign is.

  6. I listened to two long NPR pieces on Trump on Saturday and Sunday. Both pieces focused on Trump’s words as an incitement to violence. The so-called protesters were spoken about, but never identified.
    These protesters intended to keep Trump from speaking and shut down his rally. Trump was not inciting a riot. The big story was the hard-left identity of the protesters, and their intention to veto any political speech that they did not approve of.
    NPR is a joke. It is not journalism. I am disgusted that my tax dollars are used to pay for this piece of shit propaganda outfit.

  7. BG;

    I agree. Trouble is, we have no chance of defunding them at the state level, unless we have a GOP sweep in the next election.

    On the Federal level, Erik Paulsen is in agreement with us in that National Propaganda Radio is not serving the needs of all taxpayers because they are so far left. He claims that he’s pursuing some checks and balances to change that, but, I’m not holding my breath.

  8. I have to admit, I watched the clip of the old boy decking that saggy-panted ward of the state in North Carolina with a big smile on my face. Bet he thinks twice before he flips off a crowd of angry Trumpsters.

    It’s about time our elections feature some bloody noses…hell, after 8 years of Obama, it’s well past due time.

  9. My wife is trying to decide if she’s cynical enough to think that Bernie’s campaign only exists to create just enough excitement over the Democrat Establishment’s Coronation of Hillary. Compared to that, the question, “Is the Media trying to get Trump the GOP nomination?” requires no cynicism. Why? 2 basic reasons. 1) Simple ratings gold. 2) He’s Hillary’s preferred opponent.
    The real question is, “am I cynical enough to think that the Clintons encouraged Trump to run?” I try not to credit malicious intent when I can merely credit narcissistic personality disorder, but then again…

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