High Noon. Today.

Come on down to the Capitol (lower mall) today at noon for Minnesota Gun Owners Lobbying Day.

There’ll be a few speakers – I’m MCing – but the important part is each of you.  The whole idea is this; we, the people, are going to head into the Capitol and lobby our legislators to support good gun bills, and oppose the stupid ones.

This has a huge effect on the legislature.  Having hundreds of the good guys in their maroon Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA) T-shirts, all over the place really starts a few of ’em thinking (especially when they compare the crowds to the pathetic drizzle of nattering crones who show up for ProtectMN, Code Pink and Moms Want Action rallies).

So I do hope to see you down there.

High noon!

TANGENTIAL QUESTION:  I wonder how much street crime there’ll be around this rally?

4 thoughts on “High Noon. Today.

  1. If there is any news coverage, it will be a long shot of a single person standing alone with the narration “dozens of attendees were there.”

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