Urban Liberal Privilege: Enough Is Enough

Saint Paul’s social justice mafia is baying for blood again.

A Saint Paul teacher, Theo Olson, made a perfectly legitimate observation:

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“Black Lives Matter” of Saint Paul is threatening to – you guessed it – “close down” Como High School over the posting.

(Note to BLM; if you are a one trick pony, eventually people get bored with that one trick.  It might pay to learn a new one.  Just saying).

Now, if you’ve read this blog, you know I’m no huge fan of the public school system.   I’ve got my reasons.  I don’t cut public schools, least of all the SPPS, a whole lot of slack.

But Olson’s right.

And this is another example of a particularly ugly form of anti-intellectual know-nothingism that’s sweeping ” progressive” circles in “progressive” cesspools like Saint Paul; shaming and attacking and calling “racist” the very act of questioning BLM.

For any reason!

At all!

Of course, the SPPS’ leadership will be too pusillanimous to react as it should.  It’s sort of baked into their organizational DNA.

13 thoughts on “Urban Liberal Privilege: Enough Is Enough

  1. Closing Como HS and the other POS schools in St Paul permanently might be the best thing that ever happened.

  2. Olson offered to meet with the St. Paul BLM extorti…, I mean, organizer. He refused. But the BLM guy met with Silva, the Waffle in Chief. Now Olson is on “paid administrative leave.”

    What was it that those Lefities were saying about a “chill wind blowing across this nation”?

  3. Yesterday in that very school to “students” beat up a teacher in his classroom and sent him to the hospital.

  4. It’s interesting to note that BLM is alleging racism when all Olson noted is that with no effective discipline of troublesome students, St. Paul Public has indeed become a “school to prison pipeline.” So ironically, it is BLM that is assuming that “disciple problems” is synonymous with “black student problems”, and with “friends” like Rashad Turner, black people don’t need any more enemies.

    And Turner knows about the school to prison pipeline. He want to Capitol Hill magnet school until 7th grade, than proceeded to get a weapons charge as a minor before taking four years to get a two year criminal justice degree from Hamline, and has also been convicted of drug possession and disorderly conduct (plea bargained down from domestic violence).

    So maybe instead of acting as if a teacher is the problem, perhaps he’d do well to figure out if the reasons a smart young man like him ended up with multiple convictions and low job prospects and see about helping that teacher out.

  5. A teacher was attacked this week in Como High School. Here is the Facebook page of the attacker:

    Oso Babbywitit
    Oso Babbywitit Oso babby witit yessssssss i drop shit
    20 hrs
    Jasmine Selim
    Jasmine Selim That was you?
    20 hrs
    Oso Babbywitit
    Oso Babbywitit Yes slamed his ass and im free fytb
    3 · 20 hrs
    Jasmine Selim
    Jasmine Selim Lmaoo hell nah yo ass bad asl
    20 hrs

  6. Is St Paul a racist city? Here’s some more from the Facebook page of the attacker of the white teacher:

    Charmaine Jackson I CANT STOP LAUGHING
    21 hrs
    Trealioo Gray
    Trealioo Gray 💯🏾slam whites fuck em

    Jacob Milligan What’s good all this die white bull shit what’s good y’all some STRIGHT hoes link an show me y’all die white lil faggets

  7. Correction….those are from the gal who filmed the attack. Oso Babbywitit was the attacker. Good news is that Mr Babbywitit will probably not be on this earth long.

  8. Talking about it on a blog does fuck all good. If y’all want a change, it’s gonna cost you time. You have to show up, together, at school board meetings. You have to raise a ruckus.

    The leftists didn’t take control of the schools overnight, it took 15 years to get established. Absentee parenting didn’t become a fad because a few Hollywood elites advocated it. Border jumping Latinos didn’t get invited to the White House for 40 years after the first wave. Homos didn’t make sodomy chic in an afternoon, they chipped away over 20 years.

    The left wins because they have vision, tenacity and patience. Conservatives have once a year rallies at the capital.

    Like I said, the schools you want.

  9. Chuck, why do you say the attacker won’t be on this earth long? Just general thug lifestyle?

  10. Bike…correct. He doesn’t seem to be living a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is by another gangbanger or at the hands of the police (or a CC permit holder), his life expectancy can’t be that long.

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