Innocent Until Proven Un-PC

The conclusion to Brendan O’Neil’s latest at National Review, on the “Ivy League Lynch Mob” that gathers, makes vaguely “feminist” noises about sexual assault, and demands the repeal of our entire system of criminal justice:

Assuming a defendant’s innocence is what distinguishes progressive societies from backward ones. It’s the idea that infuses To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus Finch insists that the black man, Tom, who is accused of rape must receive a fair trial. We learn later that Tom is innocent and that his accuser, Mayella, made up the whole thing. Could that be the case with Kesha, too — that she’s making it up and Dr. Luke is innocent? We don’t know. But entertaining that possibility is what makes us more like Atticus Finch than the Tom-hunting mob, which today’s feminists seem to have modeled themselves on.

The journey to this conclusion – via a splashy, show-biz non-trial and PR lynching of a music producer on the word of a pop star unhappy with her contract – is worth a read.

2 thoughts on “Innocent Until Proven Un-PC

  1. Somewhat related – the now dismissed prosecution of former Governor Perry in Texas. Perry lost a lot of donors/potential donors as the indictment was handed down. And certainly the recent spate of fake rape and fake gang rape accusations that have cost young men college scholarships, admission and reputation without (unlike ‘Tom’ in “To Kill a Mockingbird”) a trial or anything resembling due process.
    Why we as a society would want to recreate the Democrat run Segregated South is beyond comprehension. Perhaps the Democrats are right – Republicans need to bring back an Eisenhower like candidate if only for someone to order troops and armor to re-take the Administration building back from the George Wallace Feminists.

  2. Seflores wrote:
    ” we as a society would want to recreate the Democrat run Segregated South is beyond comprehension.”
    This has been the pattern of the Democrats since before the civil war: obtain and keep power by using government to empower one group over another. This is why the new Left took over the Democrats, and not the Republicans, in the 1960s. If you want to use government to redistribute privilege, the Democrat Party has always been your natural home.

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