Enjoying The Tailspin

I hate Twitter.

There.  I said it.

Twitter is the most annoying social media outlet (at least among the ones I use; I’ve come to cordially detest “Vine” videos, but I don’t use them, either).  Twitter has become a necessary evil for self-marketing; I use Twitter for promoting blog and show content and following pundits in semi-real time, in theory, except that I make about as little time to spend on Twitter as I can get away with.  It’s nearly useless as a form of communication; it’s 300 million people shouting…

…and mostly doing it badly.  The 140 character limit had been one of the greatest blows to literacy in history – and yes, I know, learning how to fit a coherent thought into 140 characters can teach a writer a lot about economizing, if they’re inclined to learn those lessons.  But of 300-million odd Twitter users, perhaps three or four dozen are so inclined.

Twitter is a banal, but very urgent, wasteland.

And so if it were to collapse and disappear from the public discourse, I’d dance around the fire, myself.

10 thoughts on “Enjoying The Tailspin

  1. I quit Twitter months ago. It’s tough to go into rhetorical battle when everyone’s a loose cannon.

  2. I was one of the techno geeks that didn’t think that Twitter would be around long. They did better than I thought, too.

    Of course, it would be nice to be ultimately proven correct.

  3. I am still trying to figure out that Facebook thing. Good thing I no longer have to worry about Twister. BTW, according to Breitbart, a lot of Twister’s undoing started with censuring Milo and then spiraling out of control. I dearly hope that is true.

  4. I was suspended four times by Twitter. I can’t tell you why. They never responded. The only pattern I saw clearly was that every time I defended my faith the atheists would descend on me like a plague. And then I would be suspended. Coincidence?

  5. All of the social media apps have a control point that can be exploited by censors. This includes Facebook, of course.

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  7. Chuck, since there’s no good news about the prospect of ending up just eaten by worms after you did in the new Stalin’s gulag, I’d suggest that there is no such thing as an evangelical atheist. I think the proper Greek would be “cacagelios” or some such thing, and yeah, it’s a nice pun too. (as in “euphony” vs. “cacaphony”)

  8. Chuck: The rabid atheists have no soul. They revel in a full artillery assault against God. Couldn’t believe how vile people treat a Being they claim doesn’t exist.

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