Bifecta of Cool

What could possibly beat getting my first Instalanche in three years and change?

Getting linked from, the official home of all things Bruce, that’s what!  The Jersey News Turnpike linked to yesterday’s piece on Garry Tallent’s birthday.

When I was in my twenties, ekeing out a living as a freelancer, and still trying to make it in music, I used to fantasize on how cool it’d be to get an article in Backstreets, back when it was entirely a paper production.  This works just fine, too!

(And I’m not gonna lie – there’s something just so fun about seeing that pageview counter sprinting into quintuple digits).

Anyway – thanks, newcomers, for stopping by!  Come back anytime!

3 thoughts on “Bifecta of Cool

  1. See? All you needed was a solid bass player. Everyone does. Wish we had one, 25 years ago…

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