No Rape Please; We’re European

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Remember this photo?
Boko Harum, a band of Muslim terrorists, kidnapped 300 Christian girls and sold them into sexual slavery, citing as justification an interpretation of the Koran that permits sexual relations with captured infidel women.  The kidnappers were not ashamed because they believed their actions were morally justified.  Mrs. Obama’s sign is an indicator of her abject cluelessness about the cause of the problem and the solution to prevent it in the future.
On New Year’s Eve, there were hundreds of groping incidents in European cities, some outright rapes, all reportedly committed by recent immigrants from North Africa/Middle East, men who are overwhelmingly Muslim and who believe infidel Nordic women who fail to cover their bodies are acting like whores just asking for sex.  So they got it.  What’s the problem?
Naturally, European women are outraged that Muslim men behave like Muslim men.  But what led Europe to this level of cluelessness?  People like this woman, protesting after New Year.

Wishful thinking, lady.  There won’t be any hard-body Arabs in your future, they’re after your daughter and granddaughter and there won’t be anything respectful about it.
But hey, they have a government to protect women from sexual assault, right?  So what’s the government recommend?  The Mayor of Koln tells women to stay arms’-length away from men you don’t know, travel in groups, and don’t drink to excess.  In other words, it’s not the rapists’ fault, ladies, it’s your own fault: you were acting like whores just asking for sex and you got it.
Okay, good to know.
Joe Doakes

The best single article you’ll read about Rape Jihad, anywhere, end of sentence, is Andrew McCarthy’s piece on the Cologne rape attacks on New Years, fittingly titled “Unassimilable Muslim Migrants Crash Europe’s Fantasy Islam“.

We’ll be coming back to this article, later in the week, in re the “fantasy Islam” bit – a fantasy shared by Mark Dayton, Betsy Hodges, and a whole lot of otherwise well-meaining Minnesotans.


11 thoughts on “No Rape Please; We’re European

  1. German Justice Minister: Cologne attacks planned in advance
    I heard NPR interview with a German feminist about this event on Saturday. The German women said that the problem wasn’t with ‘people of color,’ it was with all men. Apparently a drunken German guy dumping beer on you during Oktoberfest is the equivalent of a wide conspiracy to sexually assault hundreds of women.
    Yes, that is the comparison she made. Anything to avoid speaking the truth.

  2. The best reporting I’ve seen comes from Der Spiegel:

    You have to appreciate the coppers admitting they have no idea how to track the rapists down, because none of them have any papers, and no one knows exactly where they are on any given day.

    Note that they constantly trip over themselves, stumbling from placing blame to inserting mitigating caveats; it’s almost comical. But the facts are what they are; thousands of drunken muzzy refugees ran wild in Germany (Cologne wasn’t the only city under attack), and they were, and are completely unprepared to deal with it.

  3. Something else. The degradation of women in muzzy countries is historical and contemporary fact. We know they treat their women and young girls worse than shit in their blow-fly cities, how can you expect them to suddenly get their minds right by handing them a permit to enter the country?

    Civilized behavior is a constant struggle for these people crawling out of the world’s cesspools; it’s completely alien to them. They refuse to assimilate as waves of European migrants did; they feel entitled to be here; they fully expect the customs and behaviors of our society will conform to the ones they brought with them. With the help of America hating, native born leftists, we will be overwhelmed, and quickly.

    Why does the UN not set up protected refugee camps in Syria? Now that Somalia has a nominally stable government, why are Somali’s not being repatriated? It’s because this is all part of the plan, folks.

  4. Swiftee, you would think that the feds would stop school kids from singing ‘This Land was Made for You and Me” out of pure shame.

  5. When your narrative has lost David Frum, well, you’ve lost a significant portion of your standard duty Narrative Coordinators.
    It took a celebrity business mogul (with hair & taste in furnishings to match) since converted to reality show pitch man to link Bill Cosby with “Slap & Tickle” Bill Clinton.
    Wonder who will get credit for linking the outrage over (mostly hoax) rape at State U to real rapes on the streets of Germany?

  6. It strikes me that perhaps the feminist left is “easy” on militant Islam as they remember how men were treated when they came into contact with the harem system. Just sayin’.

    It also struck me that no native Germans decided to defend the ladies in their life. Too effete, too feminized, what? Let’s just say Bismarck and von Moltke are rolling over in their graves with this one.

  7. I won’t even comment on Moochelle’s sign.

    What does the woman mean by “nice sex?” At least ask my permission before you gang rape me?

    Allah help the Muslim man (men) that I catch assaulting a woman.

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