The Client Is Obviously Guilty

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

See, we need to get rid of this concealed carry law cause this is what happens.  Shots going off in Target because somebody with a concealed handgun …….

Yeah, except that he was a felon ineligible to possess a gun, clearly didn’t have a carry permit.  But let’s not have that cloud the discussion on the need for more gun control to take guns away from permit holders and other legally owning guns.

Joe Doakes

Remember – according to Rep. Kim Norton, if law-abiding citizens can’t carry guns at the Capitol, there will be no risk of mass shootings.

5 thoughts on “The Client Is Obviously Guilty

  1. I always want to ask, how many gun laws did this miscreant deliberately break BEFORE he broke the law–assault, murder, armed robbery– that brought him to your attention? Four? Five? Seven, like the Connecticut school shooting? What makes you think that a 5th, 6th, or 8th gun law is going to deter someone intent on mass murder?

  2. As someone familiar with ankle carry of a BUG (backup gun), I took particular notice of this story when it first came out a few weeks ago. It had me wondering what kind of holster he was using that would allow for an ND (negligent discharge).

    Now that I know “the rest of the story”, I suspect his holster was a Hanes brand holster (i.e. he had the gun stuffed in his sock).

  3. The story I read said his “Hanes” type waistband holster failed and the gun fell down his pants leg.

  4. “Hey! If I don’t waste money on a holster, I can buy and even BIGGER gun!”

  5. I’m reminded of a sad case from Detroit where an off duty officer’s gun “went off” while he was “dancing” with a young woman in the wee hours, killing her. Never bought the official story on that one….maybe it was the wrong holster, or the gun was in fact outside of the holster, but not that it just “went off”.

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