That Steady Drip Drip Drip

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Minnesota is no longer a Christian state (if, indeed, it ever was).  We have homosexual marriage.  Sodomy, fornication and adultery are still crimes on the books but never enforced because of court decisions or prosecutor’s policies.  We have legal gambling, eat shellfish, and covet our neighbor’s goods (Hell, the entire DFL party platform is based on coveting they neighbors goods).  We curse, shave our faces, drink strong liquor, eat pork, suffer witches to live, sow fields with hybrid seeds and wear cotton/wool blend sox.  We kill our unborn children, get tattoos and work on the Sabbath.  There’s very little left of the Biblical list of profane acts that aren’t commonplace in Minnesota.

Why not legalize prostitution, tax it, license it, regulate it, use the money to pay for early childhood education or midnight basketball or any of the myriad feel-good programs we’ve adopted to replace morality?

Some are forced into prostitution?  Well, yes, now, because it’s an illegal, underground activity where there are no unions and no inspectors.  Bring it into the open, subject employers to OSHA and Fair Labor Standards, let the workers organize and give the government a financial incentive to crack down on slavers who don’t pay taxes – that problem will go the way of child labor and indentured servitude.

All we have to lose is our souls.

Joe Doakes

The DFL would have the profession unionized and be mining it for graft right out of the gate.  Guaraneed.

12 thoughts on “That Steady Drip Drip Drip

  1. Emery’s got nothing – just throwing out a non-sequitur in hopes of getting some attention.

  2. ” . . . the dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe.”
    -Tom Wolfe
    These days, ‘fascism’ only serves to mark a political movement the speaker distrusts and feels excluded from.
    None of the current candidates on the GOP side can reasonably be called ‘fascist.’ Fascists do not believe in small government, and fascism is more than bombast. Fascism is literally the worship of the state. Obama, Hillary, and Sanders come closer to worshipping the federal government than any GOP candidate.
    Mussolini wrote:
    “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”
    The word church can easily be substituted for the word ‘state’ in the quote.
    People on the left, these days, are unable to distinguish between patriotism, nationalism, and fascism.
    Remeber the wackos who, after 9/11, thought that the display of a simple American flag meant the brownshirts were on the way?

  3. Both a Trump fan and a Putin fan; wow, that’s impressive. Just what did they teach at the place where you were highly educated? The many deficiencies of democracy? How to join a personality cult?

  4. Emery if you want to be considered anything but a naif buffoon man up, answer Mitch’s question, or do you feel that explaining yourself is beneath you?

  5. Trump has shown that quasi-Fascist rhetoric has a fairly popular appeal among certain segments of the population.

  6. cute talking point – I saw it first on DU – bet you don’t have any actual example of this fascist rhetoric.

  7. In every case where real, honest to God fascists took control of a country, Italy, Spain, and Germany, the proximate cause was political chaos, not ‘people pissed off at open immigration.’ The closest thing we’ve had to political chaos in this country since the 1960s was the financial crisis of 2008. Barack Obama was elected in the middle of that mess
    If you think the educated classes of the United States are good at detecting and deflecting totalitarianism, God help you.

  8. EmeryTheAntisemiticSoci@list is off his medications again. No, wait – that is his normal state of ignorance, unscrupulousness and amorality.

  9. That was impressive how quickly Emery Godwinned himself. Wow. A hypothetical, snide comment about how we ought to just be done with it and go full libertarian is interpreted as saying that we’d better vote for Schicklgruber because if we don’t, the Communists will run things.

    It would seem that it is entirely possible to get an earned doctorate without ever mastering the tools of logic. But of course, we knew that already because of the past two juris doctors who have inhabited the White House, didn’t we?

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