Our Illogical Ninny Overlords

Told that the State Capitol Police wanted to hold “active shooter” training for the legislature and its staff, Rep. Kim Norton decided to introduce a bill repealing last year’s law allowing law-abiding carry permittees to have their legally-carried firearms in the Capitol complex.

And the logic was…


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If law-abiding citizens can’t bring guns to the capitol, criminals won’t shoot anyone.

Just like nobody sells crack, drives over the speed limit or after too much to drink, or robs liquor stores any more; because they are laws against each.

Norton is wrong, by the way; at least 18 states allow law-abiding citizens to carry their legal firearms in the state Capitols in one way or another.

That’s the reason so many Real Americans have such a hard time taking gun-grabbers seriously; they’re not serious.


8 thoughts on “Our Illogical Ninny Overlords

  1. Oh yeah. At one time they wouldn’t let blacks into the state capitol.
    Geesh, I could be a liberal with that kind of argument.

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  3. Heads up Merg. Gov Jim Beam just appointed a bull dyke to the MN Supreme Court. When she says she is in favor of strap-ons, she ain’t talking about concealed pistols.

    Y’all are in for some tough times. Better double, no triple your donations to the NRA\ILA. You have sent them a donation, right?

    BTW, for the next year, Ruger will donate $2 to the ILA from every handgun sold…and everyone needs a MKIII.

  4. I think gun control is a great idea! Have you noticed that we haven’t had a single armed robbery of a convenience store or liquor store since those “no guns allowed” signs went up?! Why didn’t we think of that before?! :-^

  5. Sniff. I love it when a story has a happy ending. Thanks, Swiftee.

    (note it’s a brilliant picture of good tactics by carry permit holders, too)

  6. Kim Norton believes what she has been bred to believe – happy thoughts and good karma will defeat evil. It’s part of the disease.

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