It’s The Adrenaline

How many police killings are a combination of bad shooting habits (most usually violation of absolute imperative to¬†“keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot”) and a gun that is designed to shoot, with absolute reliability, after a short trigger stroke?

It’s a good question.

2 thoughts on “It’s The Adrenaline

  1. BS. Training is the key. Just look at NYC and their asinine 10# trigger solution. Mr. Owens must have missed all the data on that fiasco when he wrote the article. What he is proposing is giving a perp an advantage over first shot and accuracy capability. Regardless, you can use any type of handgun if you train enough. Here is a novel thought, Mr Big Police – spend more time at the range instead of playing tax collector.

  2. I’m with JPA here. A longer trigger pull will, ceterus parabus, lead to fewer negligent discharges, but more officers firing the second (if any) shot in a confrontation. You train for muscle memory, and if 20% of officers don’t get it about keeping the finger off the trigger until they’re ready to fire, send them to the range with a good range officer who will whap their knuckles with a ruler like the proverbial nun until they get that right. Everybody who uses a gun really ought to learn this.

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