Conspiracy Nation

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

There’s always a lunatic fringe, people who refuse to believe the official story.  The CIA killed JFK.  The moon landing was faked.  Fire can’t melt steel.  Obama was born in Kenya.

Now there’s a fringe who suspect the existence of a small, fanatically dedicated team – possibly mercenaries – that President Obama calls upon when he needs to whip up support for gun control measures he can’t get passed by calm logic (and also to distract voters from his foreign policy and economic disasters).  The very notion would be ludicrous . . . except that it looks as if this administration has been caught red-handed doing it before.

Candidate Obama campaigned in 2008 on banning assault rifles but there weren’t enough crimes committed with assault rifles to convince the public. The administration intentionally let a bunch of assault rifles walk across the border into Mexico during Fast and Furious, eventually finding their way back to the US to kill a border patrol agent and who knows how many others?  The plot was discovered and the outrage fizzled but the suspicion remains that this President was willing to give assault rifles to narco-terrorists to pump up the body count so he could panic the public into banning guns.

President Obama ran for reelection in 2012 again on his standard campaign to ban assault rifles.  December 12, Adam Lanza shoots up Sandy Hook school in Newtown using assault rifles but the initial reports are contradictory and the photos are sealed, which creates suspicion Team Obama has done it again.   Public outcry and lots of energy to ban guns except by 2013 there were more Republicans in Congress and the ban couldn’t pass.

2017 is Obama’s last year in office, his last chance to get guns banned.  Also, Paris makes a mockery of his foreign policy.  He needs outrage and distraction.  Viola!  A shooting in California whips Democrats into a frenzy for gun control, the suspects conveniently dead.  More frenzy, more demands . . . but questions about the Third Shooter remain and thus suspicion lingers.  When will the next attack come?  And who will benefit?

Joe Doakes


7 thoughts on “Conspiracy Nation

  1. Guess I’m part of the problem, because articles like this one are why I don’t read zerohedge.

  2. Speaking of conspiracies……For the past….lets say 25 years, every election cycle the Democrats say that you need to vote Democrat as the Republicans are planning on eliminating social security. They’ve already started that for next November’s election.

  3. As I’ve posted before, the conspiracy theorists are still on the Sandy Hook was a false flag operation and have presented some believable ( but as yet unverified) evidence to support their theories.

    Many others believe that Obumbler’s goal is to disarm as many citizens as possible, then shortly before the next election, he and his corrupt cabal will manufacture a crisis to declare martial law “for our safety”. He will then postpone the election indefinitely to stay in power. He’s already acting like a dictator, so I guess he figured he can get away with it.

    With the under handed way that Democraps get things done, with the financial support of George Soros and their banker buddies, as well as his propaganda arm, this scenario is truly possible.

  4. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it does strikes me that an awful lot of the worst “screw-ups” in the past 7 miserable years have benefited Dear Leader. It makes it harder to believe incompetence anymore.

  5. A typically deceptive headline from the anti-second-amendment WaPo:
    How gun deaths became as common as traffic deaths
    You have to get to paragraph 2 before you find out that the decrease in car fatalities was the major contributor to this factoid, and that the percentage of ‘gun deaths’ attributed to suicide has also increased.
    In other words, your chance of being murdered with a firearm is much lower than it was just two decades ago. It must be confusing to college and high school students who are researching gun control: “The Washington Post reports that for the first time death by firearm is now as common as death by car accident!” Huffpo and MMA will probably run with it. In the MMA story, clicking on the link will take you to a story by Ollie Willis about Dick Cheney shooting his hunting partner, Laura Bush killing a fellow high school student in a car accident, and to illustrate how guns are commonly used, they will show an autopsy pic of JFK. Always a hit with the boomers who are the big MMA donors!

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