Surely There Must Be Some Mistake

UPDATE:  As always we follow the 24 hour rule here in SITD.

But – and I’m strictly speculating here – am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that the killer or killers (news reporters are conflicted on that point) didn’t stick around to go out in the usual blaze of media glory, but shot up the meeting and drove away in a “black SUV?”

Another mass shooting in California.

That is to say, a state that has every restriction that gun owners want (or admit to wanting so far):  magazine limits, background checks on private sales, the works.

A state that does its best to prevent a “good guy” from getting a gun.

How could this possibly be?

Watch for the media and the “President” to try not to waste the crisis – and for a lot of lies from both.  And above all, remember the 24 hour rule with media coverage.


8 thoughts on “Surely There Must Be Some Mistake

  1. Terrorism. They waited for Obama to get back from Paris and launched a choreographed attack. Gun control is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. First thing get rid of those guns are banned on these premises laws. Second, flatten Raqqa with B52s

  2. Someone called in a bomb threat to the only nearby hospital with a trauma ward.
    Drudge says the suspect is named Syed Farook.
    Islamic terrorism.
    What a shitty president to have at a time like this.
    He will attempt to disarm police departments and private citizens, and tell us that the way to fight terrorism like this is to fight global warming.
    The man is a fucking idiot.

  3. Let’s see if the coddler of his Muslim buddies calls out the two terrorists, one of which was supposedly, a county employee.

  4. They were having a holiday celebration. Why we keep inciting the muzzies I’ll never understand.

    Say Emery? Obumbler signed the Defense Authorization Act, which authorized the release of 100,000 gubmint surplus M1911A1 .45 auto’s for sale to the public through the CMP…and at the same time, Cheaper Than Dirt is advertising 230 Grain .45 ACP FMJ for $14.00 a box!

    Santa’s coming to town little buddy!

  5. They did a quick attack, then ran out. Had a huge arsenal back at their house. Could this have been a plot to go a much larger series of attacks?

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