The Ballot Cult

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Pacific Island cargo cultists, who believe that if they create the shape of an airplane, other airplanes will come, and American GIs will resume bringing them cigarettes and chocolate and good steel knives.

Liberals think if they create the shape of a ballot box – the bigger the better – democracy will come and it will create a prosperous society that can afford cigarettes, chocolate and good steel knives.  But Cuba has elections and so does North Korea, neither of which are democracies or prosperous.  And if Liberals get their way with voter ID laws, neither will America.

Joe Doakes

Much of liberalism – really, any politics designed to boil the universe down to simple changes and slogans and wants and needs – basically is the equivalent

2 thoughts on “The Ballot Cult

  1. Don’t let them take the high ground.
    Liberals oppose allow a popular vote any time they think that it will go against them.

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