I got this email last week from MoveOn.org.


Interesting thing about it? There’s an odd…synchronicity in the chanting points that pop up in this email, the entire leftymedia’s coverage of the subject of last weeks bombshell videos of the Planned Parenthood ghouls selling baby parts.

Why, it’s almost as if the entire left, from Scott Pelley down to the lowliest, loneliest liberal blogger, is reading off the same script:

Dear MoveOn member,

Two weeks ago, a heavily edited, blatantly misleading video was released attacking Planned Parenthood.

Let’s stop right there.

The lefty chantingpointbots seem to think that “heavy editing” is unique to sting videos that gore their sacred cows.

News coverage generally shoots between 6 to 10 minutes of footage for every minute that appears on the air. With documentaries – think Michael Moore, who made hundreds of millions of dollars producing exactly the sort of footage that liberals love unless it’s James O’Keefe and the Center for Medical Progress – and “reality” shows it’s much, much much more; documentaries often shoot 30-60 minutes of footage for every minute of the final product.

Now be honest – do you think that those damning, eight minute videos of the Planned Parenthood ghouls talking about their Lamborghinis and the “crunchy” methods they use to kill prenatal children started out as 50-minute-to-eight-hour long conversations?

In the great scheme of video production, I’m going to suggest to you that these Planned Parenthood stings were edited vastly more lightly than most of what you see on television.

And this week, another deceiving, doctored video was released, continuing the smear campaign against the largest reproductive health care provider in America.

Did the ghouls actually say they were selling infant body parts?  Then the “doctoring” was irrelevant.

It’s clear we’re facing a highly coordinated attack on reproductive rights.

No.  You’re facing an attack on late-term abortion – the killing of “fetuses” that are in many cases perfectly viable.

“Highly Coordinated?”

Well, that’d be about time.   There’s no reason only “progressives” can be “highly coordinated.”

16 thoughts on “Editing

  1. Lets not forget what the videos are talking about is that planned parenthood is doing something against the law. Or is it Moveon’s position that the law as written doesn’t have to be obeyed?

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  2. I’m thinking a New York lawyer probably could talk around the law–money is fungible, profits are hard to track when the profiteers are trying to hide them–but getting around the reality of dickering over price for mutilated babies is going to be tougher.

  3. Planned Parenthood says it never made a profit from organ-legging. Of course not. No corporation shows a profit because you pay taxes on profits. Far better to buy new equipment to depreciate and have a paper “loss” to offset what would have been profits.

    The only reason they get away with such an obvious and blatant lie is the massive public economic ignorance studiously maintained by our media and educational system.

  4. Of course they never profited. They’re a non-profit. Non-profits can’t profit. Can they?

  5. as a non-profit they would never show a profit, possibly a “surplus” but nothing they would call a profit.

  6. Generally a non-profit profits by paying the leadership very generous pay and benefits. Way beyond the value of the work they do. See SPLC. So the non-profit corp has no profits, yet they pay out hugely to those in charge, kind of like dividends only structured as salaries and benies. Also generous travel expenses are covered. I’m guessing these folks don’t stay at Super 8s.

  7. Hard to prove a “Journ-O-List” style coordination, but certainly the same points are being hit over and over again like some mantra that will make all the bad ‘feels’ go away. Interesting to me that the Pro-Life group that made the videos released both the edited and unedited tapes at the same time yet a columnist at the NY Times was claiming “heavily edited video”, “heavily edited video”, “heavily edited video” even twenty fours hours after the Times was made aware of both videos having been released simultaneously.
    The President of Planned Parenthood receives a salary >$500K – after that appearance on Clinton supporter George Stephanopoulos’ show yesterday, she may be overpaid. One could probably program a bot to simply repeat ad nauseum “heavily edited video”; and “extremist”; and “entrapment”; and “non-profit”; and “those people didn’t wear placards noting that they were anti-choice extremists secretly filming our senior staff (professionals yucking it up about expensive sports cars over a nice Chianti) trying to set a price above cost (but we’re a non-profit) for doing something that is perfectly normal (that we never disclosed before) that is extra chock full of science! (even though it violates established scientific protocols)”. Come to think of it she may be underpaid (ED: A male in her position would be making 22% more). A half-a-mill is a lot less than I’d settle for to sell my soul.

  8. Breaking news. An anti-Infanticide group is claiming to have hacked PI and dumped their internal e-mail correspondence and employee info.

    God, let it be true.

  9. My wife read somewhere this weekend (probably Breitbart), that the stingers announced they have 10 more videos that will be released gradually.

  10. Remember those upper-class-twit frat boys who were filmed singing racist songs and swearing they would never let a n*gger into their club?They should have said the tape was heavily edited, and every time they were asked about, insisted that it had been “debunked.”
    All the network news is doing with the story is setting up signaling. You think the tape doesn’t matter because you are an educated progressive, a member of the ruling class. If you think that it is important, you are one of those people. You are an ignorant working class housewife, or a televangelist with a degree from a mail-order seminary, or worst of all a sinister, blind, albino Catholic priest who mutters Latin to himself and scourges himself instead of praying.

  11. “Thou shalt not murder” is not a message shrouded in “nuance,” – unless, of course you happen to extract a paycheck from MSM.

  12. “Heavily edited” is when you only report a fragment of the joke, tricking people into believing a man is evil. Tim Hunt lost his job, his career, his reputation, over a heavily edited quote that twisted his words around completely backwards of what he intended – what everybody who heard the speech knew he meant.


    That’s not what happened to Planned Parenthood in this video Their words reveal exactly what they intended. They’re just mad they got caught.

  13. Ross Douthat’s column on the videos is worth reading:
    It’s also worth reading the comments. The NYT commenters are universally liberal. Once you get through the silliness and the hate, you are struck by how many of the commenters — who consider themselves intelligent, morally informed people — think that there is a bright line between abortion (which is legal in all 50 states) and murder (which is illegal). There is no such bright line.

  14. Mitch: Thanks.
    Prussian Blue: I read that article over the weekend. Extremely powerful. I think his salient point here is the inability for the pro-abort (and I mean the vehement pro-abort Emily’s List/Hillary! voter that support a woman’s right to abort her child up until they leave the hospital) to recognize what this procedure is and does.

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