Check Your Privilege

With a nod to Andrew Lee at the lesser talk station, I think it is in fact time for Minnesota’s left to check it’s smothering, entitled sense of privilege.

Lee read a piece on the air – “38 examples of campus liberal privilege.”   The entire piece refers to how it’s possible for college and university students to spend an entire academic career without ever having any of their biases challenged.

But it doesn’t end graduation – not in the Twin Cities.

  • If you are a tenured professor, with lifetime job security based entirely on the fact that you stayed in school three times as long as the rest of the workforce?  And who uses that sinecure to lecture the rest of society on How Things Should Be? Check your privilege.
  • If you are a Macalester anthropology graduate whose idea of “debate” is posting a Stephen Colbert photo meme because you’ve never had to confront to do since that wasn’t rendered in the form of a giggly cartoon, it’s time to check your privilege.,
  • If you are a Subaru driving, MPR listening, Saint Olaf or Carlton degree holding, free range alpaca wearing, Whole Foods shopping social justice warrior, you need to not only check your privilege, but honestly tell us when the last African-American you a match that wasn’t at a nonprofit office.

I may have to continue the list sometime…

2 thoughts on “Check Your Privilege

  1. Sorry to nag on the writing but second to last sentence might read “….but honestly tell us when the last African-American you met wasn’t at a nonprofit office.” Or something like that.

  2. What I learned about bias from NPR today:
    -Dylann Roof’s murder of nine Blacks was a “massacre” and a hate crime.
    Mohammod Abdulazeez’s murder of five unarmed military recruiters was an “attack”, motivated by either depression or generic “radicalization.”
    These so-called journalists should be ashamed to look in the mirror.

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