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This is actually a post about state politics.  But there’s a tangent.


Along about thirty years ago, Holly Dunn – a twangy honky-tonk girl, and one of the highlights of country-western music at a time when the genre was still suffering through the last of its “crossover” mania – had a huge, but controversial, hit with “Maybe I Mean Yes”.

It was a bouncy ditty about romantic mind games.  It was also controversial, even in those much less silly times, among feminists for, according to the PC police of the era, “making rape and domestic abuse acceptable”; the teapot-tempest thereafter caused a few country stations to pull the single, making Holly Dunn one of the first casualties of modern political correctness – which is a shame, because most of your Gretchen Wilsons and Miranda Lamberts owe her a huge debt.

But this article isn’t about eighties honky-tonk music.  It’s about Governor Flint-Smith.

Dayton. Governor Dayton.  Sorry.  I have no idea how that happened.

In a legislative session in which the Governor’s “top priority” changed from spending the surplus to, literally, “everything” as a top priority, to synchronizing traffic lights to taking farmland out of production to transportation something or another to passing a universal pre-kindergarten bill that neither the legislature nor school administrators statewide wanted (but the teachers union does) to trying to justify Rebecca Otto’s electoral existence, it should be no surprise that he’s changed “top priorities” again:

Gov. Mark Dayton on Monday said he was dropping his insistence that lawmakers change language dealing with county audits but cited three other, previously unmentioned, objections to the Legislature’s special session plans.

Just last Thursday the DFL governor said that he and the House’s “major remaining difference” had to do with the state auditor. But on Monday, he said that he and the House were still in disagreement over three other issues: funding for programs for the disabled and mentally ill, energy net metering and lower electric rates for industries in northeastern Minnesota.

Apparently, the GOP House and DFL Senate majorities are doing better at reaching agreements than Dayton figured.

Oh, yeah.  If we take care of these three “top priorities”, he’s got a bunch more waiting in the wings:

“Before I can call a special session, it remains necessary for us to reach agreements,” on the three other issues, Dayton wrote. He also listed four other issues –an increase in broadband grants, funding for a new sex offender facility, rail grade crossing safety projects and clarification of language dealing with Rochester’s Destination Medical Center — that he urged be addressed.

When the Governor says “shut down”, he means maybe, and then maybe he means yes.

11 thoughts on “Governor Tease

  1. I think Bakk, Daudt and me are thinking of JoDee Messina’s song:

    “Well you filled up my head with so many lies
    You’ve twisted my heart ’til something snapped inside
    I’d like to give it one more try
    But, my give a damn’s busted.

  2. The problem is he is negotiating with himself and can’t remember which side of the table he is on at any one point in time.

  3. Am I the only person who thinks it’d be cool to be able to drive from Spring Valley to Ely and never hit a red light?

    Synchronize away, Governor. I’m all for it. How hard can it be?

  4. I got an idea for a sex offender facility. It’s called a fucking graveyard

  5. Ilovenumbers pretty amazing considering were still only 17 years removed from electing a pro wrestler as governor. Yet some how Jesse looks competent compared to governor moonshine

  6. POD, I’d go so far as to say that Jesse was more sane than Jim Beam. At least he called the media out on stuff. He’ll forever be my hero for giving that moronic lefty Doogie Grow a smack down.

  7. Bosshoss some of Charles Mansons ramblings are more sane than Daytons. Not a high bar to reach. I do love the fact that he (accurately) called the media jackals too

  8. POD, I would have thought, given your nom de guerre, that you would have suggested “Hell” as a more appropriate place for sex offenders. Just sayin’.

    Living near the south end of Joe’s road trip, I’d love to see Governor JimBeam try to synchronize the lights in Spring Valley and Stewartville. There are no one way streets with lights to synchronize. “oops”

  9. No we don’t even like them down here honestly. We throw most of the in to the river Styx and have piranhas with dildos attached to them go after them. A few of them we keep as slaves who… well let’s just say if they didn’t know what ‘anal prolapse’ is before they will. I will give This is the End (the movie) credit because the Jonah hill demon rape scene is pretty proportionately accurate to the demons down here. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m trying to find out how to kill the escaped new York convicts through my surface contacts.

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