Track Records

SCENE:  Mitch BERG is walking in Fort Snelling State Park, scouting his bike commuting routes.   

Avery LIBRELLE rides past on a recumbent bike; large orange flag flutters above, and bright strobe lights on front and rear repeatedly flash.  

LIBRELLE:  Haha, Merg!  You wingnuts are all hopped up over Benjamin Netanyahu and his speech.   But he’s lying.

BERG:  How do you figure?

LIBRELLE:  He predicted Iran would have the bomb by 1999.

BERG:  Right.  Maybe that’s the information he had.  And maybe he was trying to stir some action on a subject that is of great importance to Israel – the idea of a country that continuously publicly pines for Israel’s extinction and death to all Jews getting nuclear weapons.

LIBRELLE:  He lied, Merg!

BERG:  He said something that turned out not to be true.  If you can prove he intended to decieve, sure, then it was a lie.  If not, then it was an error.

LIBRELLE:  Either way he completely blew his credibility!

BERG:  So if a leader ever gets anything wrong, it destroys his credibility forever?

LIBRELLE:  Absolutely!

BERG:  OK, glad we have that established.  So, do you remember this diagram?

President Obama’s prediction for unemployment rates if we just invested trillions of dollars in, as it eventually turned out, giving cash to big banks.  He was completely wrong.  So – does that destroy his credibility?

LIBRELLE:  You’re a racist and you hate women.

Now – can you give me a push up the hill?  I have to get to a candle-sniffing.


4 thoughts on “Track Records

  1. I wish Avery would share bicycle safety tips with the moron who was riding across the Wabasha Bridge at 7:00 this morning on a black bike, wearing grey clothes, on the first day of daylight savings (in other words, pitch black outside). Good thing he had a firefly trapped inside his red rear light – that meager flicker was all that kept me from smearing him across two lanes.

  2. I watched Portlandia for the first time this weekend. Yeah, they get it. Could just as well take place in Highland Park or South Mpls. The scene of the parents explaining to their daughter why she needs to have 20 bumper stickers on the back of her new car….including 2 “coexist” ones……or the male feminist discussion group.
    Avery Librelle would fit in.

  3. Chuck,

    Fred Armisen has said in interviews that a good chunk of his inspiration for “Portlandia” comes from Minneapolis, from his time in various bands and comedy/acting ventures here. It’s set in Portland because it’s, well, the same, and it’s Carrie Brownstein’s home town…

  4. To Lefties, the salient point here is that Bibi is “lying” about Iran’s WMD’s just like Bush lied about Iraq’s WMD’s which led us into the WORST WAR IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

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