The Cell Phone Neutrality Act Of 1987

Where would we be today if the federal government had enacted a “Cell Phone Neutrality” act in 1987?  A policy saying that nobody could pay a premium for a snazzy, newfangled, small cell phone until everyone had a big, clunky, expensive one?

How about a “Car Safety Neutrality” act in 1971, saying that no one could pay a premium for a car with airbags until everyone had a car with airbags?

What if we passed us a law saying that nobody could pay a few bucks extra for good healthcare until everyone had crappy healthcare… Oh, wait.

The United States government: giving the most successful piece of infrastructure of the 21st-century regulation that didn’t work in the 1930s.

Note to liberals/”progressives”:  when companies release “premium” products, other companies notice that less-“premium” people want them too – and they find ways to make those “premium” products more affordable.  And everyone wins.

Which is why poor people have cell phones, consumer electronics and cars of higher quality than the rich had 30 years ago – but their healthcare, education and mass transit keep getting worse.

6 thoughts on “The Cell Phone Neutrality Act Of 1987

  1. Geez Mitch, you finally got it: Progressive elite’s goal is to make everyone poor, to keep them in the gutter like pitiful little slaves they think we should be. Ah… the wonderful stench of soci@list ideology.

  2. Mitch, I am copying that last paragraph and saving it; it is the most concise and accurate description of the failure of gummint control I have read.

    You also hit a home run the other day with (paraphrasing) “arguing with a lefty is like arguing with a precocious eighth grader.” Perfect.

    PS: Obumbler is trying to ban AR-15 ammo too. Putz.

  3. “…arguing with a lefty is like arguing with a precocious eighth grader.”

    This was you, right? or was it Nolte over at Big Hollywood?

  4. PS: Apropos of NOTHING (except it’s Friday) Elvis Costello plays (or at least used to play) a Jaguar.

  5. I’ve got an eighth grader in my house who objects to being compared to a liberal, gracious host. :^)

    One thing that amazes me about government is that there is one part of transportation that gets worse mileage than back in the 1950s; public transit of course. Huge advances in engines, transmissions, and they still do worse.

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