Katherine Kersten takes on the U of M’s doltish decision to give Algore a PhD in…something.

Rad the whole thing.  But I liked the decision – “what degree?”

Early on, the doctorate in science had an edge. But the recently released summary of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change changed all that. It made clear that a centerpiece of Gore’s sky-is-falling claim — ocean levels rising 20 feet as a near term prospect — is wildly off base. The panel projects that by 2100, sea level will rise a mere 7 to 23 inches.

So how about an honorary doctorate of laws, based on Gore’s efforts on behalf of the Kyoto global warming treaty? Unfortunately, skeptics might point out that Gore couldn’t even talk Bill Clinton into submitting the treaty to Congress, after the Senate voted 95-0 for a resolution discouraging it, and that compliance has been poor among countries that did sign the treaty.

Humane letters? Naw, that’s not for real men like Al.

Which degree will it be? The Daily article contains a clue. It quoted Ingrid Scantlebury, a precocious U of M freshman not yet caught up in the Gore glow. According to the Daily, Scantlebury “agrees with Gore’s work but doesn’t feel the university should award him a degree for it. ‘It’s mainly a publicity thing,’ she said.”

You guessed it — Gore’s going to get a special honorary doctorate in marketing.

I think “Creative Writing” or “American Fiction” would do, too…

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  1. And i nominate KK for the PerpetuatingPropaganda award for this little snarky nugget:

    “Since Gore invented the Internet as a U.S. senator..”

  2. Wait. Wasn’t old Tipper and Al’s courtship the basis for the movie “Love Story”? But then again, there was no controling legal authority…

  3. No, no no…The Goracle should get a degree in American Fiction.

    After all, he and Tipper were the inspiration for “Love Story.”

  4. While your guy lied to get us into a war and his wife killed a guy. An ex-boyfriend. Oops.

  5. Hey Fulcrum, I don’t need to watch a propaganda film based on cherry-picked data to know that Gore is a fraud. Particularly when Al has such a track-record of being a liar.

  6. Apparently you are more interested in rhetoric than intellectual honesty.

    Which’d be ironic, since Gore’s original statement – and I’m fully aware of Gore’s actual role and the statement’s real context – was pure rhetoric as well!

    I bet 90% of you bashing “An Inconvenient Truth” haven’t even seen the movie.

    See it? I OWN a copy!

    Not that I paid for it or anything.

    It’s krep.

  7. Assclown said:

    While your guy lied to get us into a war and his wife killed a guy. An ex-boyfriend. Oops.

    And you pattern yourself after a serial killer. Oops.

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