Media Quiz Time: The Answers!

Last week, David Chanen of the Strib wrote a piece – a decent one, actually – about the straw-purchase flim-flam that put a gun in the hand of Ray Kmetz, the New Hope shooter who was legally barred from owning guns at all.

And the story omitted something that almost no story about guns in the Twin Cities media has, in recent or even distant memory.

There was no obligatory, supercilious, and utterly wrong quote from Heather Martens!

Of course, several commenters, starting with Mr. D, got it within minutes of my posting this morning.  Y’all know me too well.

Still, this is a virtual rupture of the space-time continuum.

What next?  A Strib piece about politics that doesn’t quote Larry Jacobs?

I feel like anything is possible!

5 thoughts on “Media Quiz Time: The Answers!

  1. Could it be that Heather is your canary that is telling you that your hunch about punishing straw buyers is true–that given that punishing straw buyers is generally an open & shut case (just trace the serial numbers) and would genuinely reduce the number of guns getting into the hands of criminals, gun control advocates don’t want the clear comparison of effective (and Constitutional) laws vs. ineffective and unconstitutional ones?

  2. You all seem to forget Glenn Taylor owns the Strib now. This is a sign of things to come

  3. PoD: I think that you may be on to something. I have heard from some people that I know in the Strib’s IT Dep’t that there have been some pretty serious performance reviews going on over there. I wonder if being too liberal is one of the criteria? 🙂

  4. I think it would be making the news if one of the criteria were “too liberal”. On the flip side, if you made it an issue of asking critical questions no matter who was the source, you could edge things away from liberalism without doing so officially.

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