Where’d You Put That “Edge Of The Pale” Thing, Again?

Since it’s been brought up:  all local left-wing bloggers have been cleared of suspicion of arson in the early-Tuesday fire that destroyed my garage. 

Well, no – that’s putting it a little prejudicially.  Let’s be a little more accurate; Saint Paul’s arson investigator ruled out arson, bright and early in the process.  So no left-wing bloggers are currently under suspicion…

Dammit!  OK.  Let me try again.  There was no arson at all.  Period. 

A number of leftybloggers were brought up in the comment section – jokingly – as mock “suspects” in the incident.  For what it’s worth, I try to abjure linking people, even public or “public” figures, with abhorrent behavior (like, say, photoshopping them into Nazi uniforms or comparing gettogethers with Nuremburg rallies); it’s a rhetorical low blow akin, at best, to asking when one stopped beating one’s wife, at least when the humor is not clearly understood.  Since politics inflames the passions like few other things, attempts at humor often fall flat across the ideological divide. 

Even if they are good.

So nope.  No arson here.  Nothing to see here but a new garage starting on Monday.  I hope.

18 thoughts on “Where’d You Put That “Edge Of The Pale” Thing, Again?

  1. Did all your firearms and ammo discharge in the fire? Bet it looked like the 4th all over again.

  2. Actually, if you were the New York Times…no wait, CBS news, you would say “Leftwing blogger ties to garage fire have not been proven yet”.

  3. AC,

    Are you speaking literally or figuratively? Oh, hell. No. Neither.



  4. Monday? That’s less than a week after the original was destroyed? Out here, I wouldn’t even see a claim adjuster until the following week. And then I’d be waiting for a determination for a month.

    Is the construction industry that slow in MN right now? Wow.

  5. Left wing blogger. Yeah, right.
    I bet it was Dick Cheney, ‘cuz he’s evil and he thinks you’ve been veering to far to the left. Against the death penalty? Riding a bicycle?

  6. So we’ve established that Kenny the Hamster is not, I repeat, not an arsonist. We have also confirmed that the words “humor” and “liberal” can never be used in the same sentence.

    Carry on.

  7. Let me see. You’re garage burned down and the lefties are claiming they’re the victims. Thoes Poor victimized moonbats. Karl Rove must have been behind this!

    This stands to reason, since they considered Bill Clinton the victim of oral sex.

    Remember when Brodkorb caught the Madia staffer stealing a campaing sign? She was a victim too, because he Brodkorb had no right to be at a Perkin’s restaurant.

  8. I noticed that you were targeted for some flack over the jokes about who might have torched your garage, and felt badly, as the person who first brought up the possibility of arson here.

    So, I commented on the umbrage, somewhat sharply.

    You may view me as the political opposition, but if nothing else, I am the ever LOYAL opposition, LOL.

  9. Interesting follow up, the individual who feels put upon for speculation about your garage fire, however much in jest, is under the impression that the St. Paul police are pursuing an investigation. I am assuming that such an investigation would be delegated to the fire marshal, and that the determination of said fire marshal would be the end of it. But if not, however annoying, you might want to follow up and clarify the status of any investigation with the local gendarmerie.

    Having defended your position, I think it is just possible that they do not like me very much for having done so; and I made an effort, as always to be so polite too. And yet, I will endeavor to find enjoyment in life, in spite of it all, LOL.

  10. According to the SPFD, the investigation is closed.

    The SPPD (I’m told) only investigates if someone was hurt, or if a crime was committed. Nobody was hurt, and the SPFD arson investigator cleared me to start clearing and rebuilding almost immediately, which to me implies that it’s a dead issue as far as they’re concerned.

  11. That would be my understanding as well, that such an investigation is closed and complete.

    I’m so sorry for even bringing it up; at the time, it seemed like one of those minor relatively unimportant details, a dotting the i’s crossing the t’s kind of thing. Maybe someone else would have made jokes in that direction anyway, but I did start the train of thought. I regret that it caused anyone else, anywhere, to get bent out of shape taking something other than it was intended.

  12. So Kenny the Hamster didn’t sneak up on you and torch your evil garage in the middle of the night. Dang. I guess we have to find a new enemy to fear.

  13. Top 10 alibi’s for Kenny Weiner:

    10. Was watching Barney at the time.

    9. Found a pair of Michele Bachmann’s panties while dumpsterdiving that morning…spent the rest of the day asshat dancing with them on his head.

    8. Was giving Eva her weekly dust bath.

    7. Was lost in that damn habitrail again all day.

    6. Was sorting through his collection of “Screw” magazines.

    5. Was busy stuffing sunflower seeds into his pouches.

    4. Was torturing ants with his new magnifying glass.

    3. Was his night to be “pivot man” at the 331.

    2. Slept in tent outside Best Buy to be the first to get Photoshop 3.0.

    1. Was drawing “blinky” for the 100,000th time in hope of finally getting accepted to the Matchbook Art Academy.

  14. All,

    While I have gotten pretty unanimous confirmation from the powers that be that there is no investigation (hence the contractors are removing the debris even as we speak), I do have one more call in just to make sure.

    However, I do find myself getting tired of inter-blog pissing matches. Especially with the subject of this particular flow; this thread seems to have provided a steady stream of the kind of drama that he seems to thrive on.

    So I’m gonna ask everyone to lay off the mud-slinging for a while. Entertaining as it may be, once you get, er, certain personalities involved, it only descends into an ever-deepening vortex of stupid.

    And I’m really tired of stupid.


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