Repel The Gathering Fascism

The “Broadcaster Freedom Act” may come up for a carefully-hidden vote – and if you support freedom of speech, we need your help:

There’s a chance to get the newly expanded Broadcaster Freedom Act (BFA) tacked on as an amendment to the Financial Services appropriation on Tuesday. The BFA is currently being redrafted to prevent the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from not only reimposing the Censorship Doctrine – also mis-known as the “Fairness Doctrine” – but also to address the new censorship threats – inc“localism” and “media diversity.”To get it a full, fair up or down vote, we need to act over the weekend and all day Monday.

We need to get as many people as possible to call their Representatives and have them tell Speaker Nancy Pelosi to add the BFA as an amendment.

Contact your representative…

6 thoughts on “Repel The Gathering Fascism

  1. I don’t have a representative. I have Keith Hakim X Ellison. I haven’t had a representative in over 30 years.

  2. Keith “represents” many folks who stretch to pay their energy bills right now. They will pay even more if the Cap And Tax bill passes, but he still voted for it. Inadequate.

  3. Kermit. move the heck out of Minneapolis.

    Also you still have your Senators. I am sure Amy and Angry Al will carefully listen and thoughtfully decide this issue.

  4. Mitch, how dare you utter that “insulting” word!!!

    Are you trying to make Peevee cry.

    Liberal Fascism, indeed!

  5. After being prompted by Terry and ……someone else…..I actually have been reading the book “Liberal Fascism”.

    I’m not finished with it yet; I can’t stand reading it except in comparatively small doses because of the extensive flaws I find as I try to read it thoughtfully and critically.

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