I’m not sure which was greater; my degree of un-shock that Gary Trudeau bought the University of Virginia Gang-Rape hoax hook, line and sinker…

…or shock that Trudeau and¬†Doonsbury¬†are respectively still alive and being published.

5 thoughts on “Degrees

  1. The more I learn about this so-called crisis, the more it resembles feminists wanting to escalate domestic abuse to the status of a federal crime, and using title 9 to do it.
    Remember when the libs said they wanted to get the government out of your bedroom? Kind of funny, huh?

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  3. This “rape crisis” and Martin/Brown/Garner issues are all of one fabric. The left desperately wants a National Police Force. The argument they are building (at least as presented to me by local leftists) is that there is too much variance in the quality of police work from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. That a single one size fits all police force would, in addition to providing vast improvements in efficiency, would be more responsive to important cultural initiatives.
    I wonder if Dear Leader will pick April 26th to announce his executive order forming The Ministry of State Security.

  4. In his celebrated “female questioners only” end of year presser, I’m surprised that Barry wasn’t asked if he and the first lady were still considering sending their daughters to college given that his administration is still touting the 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted at college stat. If you are going to put out a stat like that, you would think a ‘journalist’ might question why you are sending your female children to these ‘rape factories’. But then, these are Democrat Dominated Media Culture members, so obvious questions that make a Democrat and Democrat policy look foolish aren’t considered.

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