Why Atheists Piss Me Off

Too many of them put “humanism” ahead of humanity:

LADSON, S.C. – An anti-religion group is celebrating its recent success in shutting down a elementary school fundraiser that would have food and money to a local church’s food pantry.

And by Atheists, I don’t mean the generally good people I know who, for whatever reason, are atheists. No, it’s more like Big Atheism – the ones that aren’t so much skeptical as clogged with dogmatic hatred.

Merry Christmas, hungry people. Dogma must be served.

10 thoughts on “Why Atheists Piss Me Off

  1. They piss me off because, just like liberats, they are hypocrites and cowards.

    Why is it that they never sue Muslims for their prayer sessions in their work places?

    I guess that it’s easier for them to go after Christians because they know we won’t be out looking to cut their heads off for being infidels.

  2. I hesitate to post this, because I’m certain people with poor reading comprehension skills will say “You hate poor people and want them to starve.” But I’m with the atheists on this one. Not on their legal grounds – it’s not an establishment of religion for a school kid to give a can of food to the church food shelf – but on the end result. Food shelves are not a school function.

    That school is a government operation. Government should not do charity, charities should do charity. When government enters an activity, it crowds out all competitors. Hospitals used to be run by nuns; libraries and colleges were funded by philanthropists; but government has taken over health care and education and not for the better. Soup kitchens like the Union Gospel Mission and flop houses like the Dorothy Day Center are still private religious charities but they’re under fire from government every day.

    When government takes over Good Works, taxpayers give less to charity because they gave at the office, out of their paychecks. Thus, we get Scrooge demanding “Are there no prisons?” and explaining “I help support the establishments I have mentioned; they enough, and those who are badly off must go there.” Thus, Scrooge takes no personal responsibility for his fellow man (the government having assumed full responsibility for them) and has no opportunity for Christian charity to work on his soul.

    Giving helps the recipient materially and the giver spiritually. But it must be a gift freely given for the giver to get the benefit. Rendering unto Caesar to avoid being thrown in prison doesn’t count, not because the poor don’t benefit – they do; but because the giver doesn’t benefit.

    The atheists are right for all the wrong reasons. Government should get out of charity. Ordinary people should get back into charity. Our nation needs it, lest we become a nation of Scrooges, callously looking out for Number 1 alone.

  3. It cannot possibly escape one’s attention that the two institutions in contemporary American society that are absolutely, objectively, and irrevocably FUBARed are Education and Health Care.

  4. I have to support Joe Doakes on this. A church I formerly went to, had a program to bring in refugees. As soon as they got them here, they plugged them into the government teat, for the full scope of subsidies.

    I never found this to be a charitable act worthy of the institution. There is no charity in having the government to things, taking money from people, rather than people freely giving of themselves.

  5. Thanks, Loren. I remember a parallel example (I think it was Burt Rutan) talking about needing millions in donations to build a private spaceship. Somebody sent $5 with a note “Don’t laugh, I skipped lunch today so I could send this to you.” That’s sacrifice. It helps the spaceship in some tiny way but it helps the donor in a huge way: I helped build that. I didn’t have to do it, but I did. I made a difference. That’s a good feeling, it’s the feeling we want school children to know, but it’s a the feeling they won’t get by rote participation in a class project to raise awareness about hunger in America.

  6. Emery, “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist” was published by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek back in 2004. Way ahead of you–and Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis has been using this bit for a while, too.

    And kudos to MNbubba (I’m related to him at least through Noah, of course) for pointing out that the more government impacts an area, the more screwed up it becomes. Lesson there somewhere…..

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  8. MnBubba wrote:
    “It cannot possibly escape one’s attention that the two institutions in contemporary American society that are absolutely, objectively, and irrevocably FUBARed are Education and Health Care.”
    The federal government is terrible at doing day-to-day things like manage health care and education. This is largely because it is not very democratic. It is not responsive to democratic pressure to the same extent as states and local government. To liberals — who represent a much smaller proportion of the populace than conservatives — this is a feature, not a bug. People won’t voluntarily pay $5/gallon of gasoline when a vote can reduce it to $3.

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