When Lies Are All You Have

If you’ve been reading this blog’s coverage of Second Amendment issues for any length of time, you’ll note that one of my most air-tight theses is that Minnesota’s gun control movement – not just its leaders, the hapless Heather Martens, the hopeless Joan Peterson and the comical Jane Kay, and its camp followers in the political class like Dakota County attorney Jim Backstrom and Chaska police chief Scott Knight, but the entire movement, from Michael Bloomberg and the Joyce Foundation all the way down – can not seem to make a single substantively true factual statement. 

And the reason for this would seem to be, as a matter of fact,  that they can’t.

4 thoughts on “When Lies Are All You Have

  1. It’s okay to lie about guns because we’re the good guys and our cause is right.
    It’s okay to hate republicans because we’re the good guys and our cause is just…and we claim they hated us first.
    It’s okay to lie to the American people to get MAJOR legislation passed because we’re the good guys and our cause is right…and the American people are just too stupid to know what’s best for them.
    Don’t know about you, but I’m detecting a pattern.

  2. Curious. Will the Society of Professional Journalists DEMAND a retraction?

    Redecioulius! And continuing….

  3. The very reason they hide behind one-sided op-ed’s. But far be it for any of them to engage in actual debate on the issue.

  4. Who would have guessed that all gun control advocates would be channeling Joseph Goebbels?

    Besides the fine folks at JPFO, of course. And anyone who remembers how Kristallnacht was enabled.

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