Profile In Courage

The DFL Legislature raises business taxes.  Governor Dayton scuttled away from his party.

The DFL legislature’s idea for plundering taxpayers to pay for Zygi Wilf’s real estate improvements – “E-pulltabs” – raised roughly 1/1000% as much money as it was supposed to.  Governor Dayton huffed and puffed and blamed it all on other people. 

The DFL raised the minimum wage, without adding a tip credit for restaurant workers who frequently make many times more than a “living wage” from tips.  Governor Dayton quietly tossed the idea partly under the bus when his sons pointed out it was hurting their restaurant. 

When people started talking about legalizing marijuana, Governor Dayton was for it before against it before he was for it before he was whatever he is today. 

Dayton favored releasing sex offenders, before he opposed it, before…oh, hell, I don’t know.

And Dayton took great pride in MNSure before he washed his hands of it.

Oh yeah – and although the administration he largely appointed and which reports to him was busted trying to jockey MNSure’s premium rates, Governor Dayton apparently pleads complete ignorance

It’d be great if someone in the Minnesota media would press the Governor on this – but of course, he isn’t talking with the press this week.  Not that anyone in the press would ask him if he were talking to the press. 

The GOP has been railing – correctly – on Dayton’s competence. 

The competence of MInnesota’s press may be the bigger issue.

5 thoughts on “Profile In Courage

  1. C’mon Merg, give the Democrat Party Dominated Media Culture a break. As Rachel Stassen-Burger reported, the Governor (who has had hip surgery and uses a cane) ‘dashed’ from an appearance and away from the narrative coordin…, err uh, reporters at a recent public appearance. You can’t expect a Pat Kessler to elevate his breathing rate just to ask a Governor who is standing (heh!) for re-election a question, can you?
    If you want to talk to the next Governor, shouldn’t you be talking to Tina Flint Smith? If you talk to whore, let us all know. I meant her.

  2. Scheduling elective surgery for during the session.


    So that’s what they’re calling it these days….

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