2 thoughts on “It’s Not The Unreleased Final Chapter Of “Trulbert!”…

  1. Democrats have, of course, banned plastic shopping bags. They would ban guns, if they could, and charter schools and homeschooling as well.
    And it is the Left who believes that some Americans should have their speech banned. Remember what happened to Limbaugh’s football commentator gig?
    Banning circumsision, even for religious purposes, is a Lefty thing, as is banning cigarettes and even e-cigs.

  2. The only “choice” the left wants you to have is whether or not you kill your offspring before they’re born (and a couple philosophers recently endorsed the idea of post-birth abortion). Everything else; what you drive, eat, drink, say, buy, smoke; how you handle your money, how much of your money you get to keep, how much energy and water you consume, who you associate with, how you protect yourself, how you raise and educate your children, whether you have pets…..you’re too stupid to be trusted with those choices.

    But Bill, lots of liberals have pets! Lots of liberals smoke and want you to be able to smoke currently illegal substances, you can’t paint them all with such a broad brush

    What’s good for the leftist goose is good for the conservative gander. The left is ALL ABOUT painting the right with a broad brush.

    As Garth Mueller is fond of saying, “your argument has been weighed and found wanting.”

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