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I’m happy to see that longtime NARN friend Jeff Johnson, the guy who should be the Attorney General of Minnesota in a just world, is finally doing a blog:

I am a member of the 7-member Hennepin County Board of Commissioners myself. I was first elected to the Board last November and sworn in this January. In my first few months, I’ve been amazed at the reach of the $1.7 billion annual county budget (larger than several state budgets) and the sometimes curious (and sometimes outrageous) ways this money is spent. As Hennepin County government actions largely fly under the media radar screen – despite our tremendous impact on your individual and business property taxes – I felt it time to provide an insider perspective.

The inner workings of county government – especially in Hennco – have needed some illuminating for quite some time now.

5 thoughts on “Insider Info

  1. Only slightly related to topic, but Jeff Johnson showed up in my “people you might know” list on FB. He is friends with you, two people from my church, AND a UHG coworker. Talk about small world connections.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this blog for a long time. From my conversations with Jeff, I think we’ll be amazed at the amount of out of control spending done at the county level that he will expose in the upcoming months.

  3. Love the Golden Firehydrant Award. Can we nominate programs? Can we apply it to other Counties and City governments?

  4. I probably don’t have much in common with Jeff Johnson, but when I was doing some fact checking for a post, I sent him a query that he answered personally and relatively promptly.

    That says something.

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