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For almost a century, and especially in the past seventy years, the most dangerous thing to be in the Arab world has been a moderate.  Throughout the Middle East,  throughout the past generation or two, the first priority for Arab extremists – before even killing Jews – has been to eliminate or drive off all moderates. 

I bring it up not out of animus toward Arabs – don’t be an idiot – but to point out an area where American liberals act just like the PLO, Hezb’allah and Hamas. 

To the American liberal, the greatest enemy are the apostates; the women, blacks, Latinos, gays and other minorities that break with liberal dogma and vote conservative.

The left – as the National Review notes in an editorial earlier this week – is even baking it into the language:

The idea that there exists a meaningful subset of “women’s issues” has always failed to account for the fact that “women” is a category that in the American context contains both Condoleezza Rice and Rachel Maddow, both Republican governor Susana Martinez and Democratic gadfly Eva Longoria. Jeane Kirkpatrick was arguably the most powerful American woman of her time, and her issue was fighting totalitarianism at a time when Democrats were not much inclined to do so. Was that a women’s issue? It certainly was in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany . . .

One has to squint with some dishonest intent to conclude that the political tendency that represents women’s interests obviously is the one associated with Bill Clinton and Teddy Kennedy rather than the one associated with Margaret Thatcher and Nikki Haley.

That’s certainly charitable.

The Democrats’ attitude toward women — from the pity-party celebrity of Sandra Fluke to multi-millionaire Lena Dunham’s demands for subsidized birth-control pills — has always been based on a handful of strategies linguistically related to the word “patriarchy”: patronizing, patronage, paternalism, etc., something you would think that their feminist supporters might have noticed. But women, like African Americans and other minority groups, are for the Left a means to power, and the Democrats’ treatment of them is every bit as instrumentalist as was Bill Clinton’s treatment of the White House intern pool.

And some conservative feminist group needs to print this next graf – admittedly, in small type – on a t-shirt:

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ war on women — women who own or desire to own their own businesses, who are looking for decent jobs, who wish there were a way to get their children out of failing schools, who are concerned about the flood of illegal immigrants across our borders, who pay more in taxes than they do for housing or health care or for housing and health care combined, who own guns, who pay utility bills, who wish for credible responses to Ebola and the Islamic State, who resent being reduced to their genitals as a matter of political calculation — that war continues, as pitilessly and remorselessly as any Levantine jihad.

The whole thing is worth a read.

3 thoughts on “Women’s Issues

  1. The “War on Women” meme is meant to appeal to two subgroups of women: professional, career-oriented women and single mothers. It does pretty well with that group, but eventually you run into the law of diminishing returns. Single mothers — and most of them are white — would be utterly and completely lost without monthly checks and other benefits from the government. I don’t blame them.
    Professional women are another matter. What a bunch of whiners. In many cases they were raised in the kind of middle-class and upper-middle-class households that traditionally provide the ruling class in the United States. And they want to play at being oppressed? Trade places with a Black ex-con with a typical public school education. Twenty-five years old and no place to go but down, or get serious about crime. Not getting free contraception or fertility is not patriarchial oppression. Neither is taking a career hit because you decide to take a decade off to raise your children.

  2. “… who resent being reduced to their genitals as a matter of political calculation …”

    I would think there would be nothing short of outrage for that line of thinking. Reproductive rights, aside from the killing of the unborn, has evolved into a woman’s ability to fornicate freely.

    After acquiescing the swinish and murderous activities of Clinton and Kennedy towards women, I suppose the “women’s movement” would think little of being assigned the duties of democratic camp followers.

    Birth control, in order to be necessary. not only requires the participation of a man, it also requires his satisfaction, or his “completion” of the sexual act. So, even the most ardent feminist must agree that if women achieve the reproductive rights they need, men will still come first.

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