It’d Be Better Than Jeb

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Well, if my other choice was some RINO like Chris Christie or Lindsay Graham, then yes, I’d vote “V” against Hillary.

20141016-062646-23206805.jpg Who would have thought we’d see the day when Republicans – some of us, anyway – think of call Rove and his clients as just this side of V?

8 thoughts on “It’d Be Better Than Jeb

  1. Ever seen one of those smarmy “Coexist” stickers on the same car sporting a “CTHULHU”, “DARWIN” or “FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER” fish?

    There are people out there, well, up there, that a slap won’t bring around no matter how smartly delivered.

  2. A Republican driving a Prius who also endorses Lovecraft’s Evil Elder God, does that seem likely?

    I’d suggest the Voldemort sticker is a False Flag operation but that seems a bit subtle for St. Paul Democrats.

  3. Given the website from which the sticker came, the odds of that driver being a Republican are about as high as the odds of swiftee praising a Pound Puppy comment. So yeah, in theory it’s possible, but I wouldn’t bet a cup of coffee on it.

  4. Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president of America. She is no Angela Merkel, noting that Angela Merkel has a PhD in physics. Hillary is merely one of the 1.2 million lawyers dragging America into the abyss and ruining the nation.

    Americans need to wake up to the fact that a recognized brand saves a fortune in campaign finance costs — due to the complete silliness of “brand shoppers”.

  5. I like the little fish with feet and the word “Darwin” spelled out in its body.
    So evolution is the opposite of Jesus?
    The idea that evolution is a natural process of improvement over time is both mistaken and the cause of several 20th century genocides.
    So much moral pride, so little reason.

  6. What could be greater sport than putting “YOU CAN TAKE MY GUN WHEN YOU PRY IT OUT OF MY COLD DEAD HAND” bumper stickers on Priusii.

  7. I’m a little puzzled thinking why will any Republican be for Voldermort.

    Voldermort didn’t care about life since he was willing to commit murder. Most Republicans because they are prolife won’t support murder.

    Voldermort was for government control (his). Most Republicans are for letting an individual try to run their own lives.

    Voldermort was for trying to scare people to death. Most Republicans aren’t for trying to scare people to death.

    I think I can go on, but I think I proved my point.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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