AFSCME To DFL: “Bark For Your Treat!”

AFSCME is yanking the DFL’s leashes:

Union workers greeted legislators today with chants of “override” outside the Minnesota House chamber.Members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 5 were anticipating a vote to try to overturn Governor Tim Pawlenty’s recent veto of a $1 billion tax bill. Democrats say the revenue is needed to help erase a $4.6 billion budget deficit and protect schools, hospitals and nursing homes. The Republican governor opposes any tax increase. Union leader Eliot Seide said public employees want a balanced budget solution.

Well, no.  They want a “balanced budget solution” that allows plenty of extra spending, especially on AFSCME pork.

Glad we’re clear on that.

10 thoughts on “AFSCME To DFL: “Bark For Your Treat!”

  1. Well, I have no great love for AFSCME, although I guess its a good thing that they have some kind of representation to look out for themselves against what some conservatives like to portray as the big, bad government [for myself, the only true source of evil is MnDOT ;-)].

    Don’t both sides want to spend about the same amount of money, with the only difference being Pawlenty wants to float a Bond instead of going to the taxpayers?

    Anyways, I’m more concerned about the medical assistance cutbacks. I sure am glad I’m not an out-of-work or a homeless diabetic. Those specific cutbacks are going to make it a lot tougher to survive…

  2. Bill,

    I don’t disagree, entirely.

    But just for purposes of discussing your last paragraph, I have a question for you. To wit:

    What percentage of Minnesotans are actually uninsured?

    I know the answer, but I’m guessing most people don’t.

  3. Mitch, the better question is “What percentage of Minnesotans are involuntarily uninsured?” The stats I’ve seen have quite a few younger folks dropping health insurance as too costly for what they get in return, and they’re probably right. I hear many young singles grousing over having to subsidize older folks and folks with kids when they see how much they get hit.

  4. Nerd,

    True, and a legitimate point.

    But even with that, my main question is “how many Minnesotans are, voluntarily or not, uninsured”, expressed as a percent of the population. It goes toward answering the real question, “is there a crying need for more government intervention in the healthcare market”.

  5. A little tip for you governments kids……do any of you read your own newsletter? If I knew nothing about government employees except what I learned from the newsletter, I would think you were all a bounch of Stalinist wackjobs.

  6. Don’t both sides want to spend about the same amount of money
    The difference is $3 billion over two years. The DFL can’t figure out how to cut $1.5 a year. Pawlenty can.

  7. I had an interesting conversation with a liberal friend of mine recently (he is an AFSCME member and government employee). He was excited to tell me of the new boat he was going to buy with his tax return. Seems he was able to come up with enough deductions and hence tax returns check to pay for the boat. He became very upset when I told him I was unhappy that A.) People of the state had to pay for his services (well that’s OK we needed the work done). B.) They took sufficient money from non-government employed tax payers to allow government employees to “participate” in the tax withholding. C.) The revenue service realizing their excess taking would return the “overage” to him. D.) And finally that he will be enjoying MY NEW BOAT!!!!

    Please remind me why we need to raise my taxes further!!!!!

  8. C’mon Scott, be a sport. Haven’t you seen the signs all over South Minneapolis that say “Happy to Pay More to Finance My Bureaucrat Pal’s New Boat”? You really need to be more civic-minded there, doncha think?

  9. Mr. D, I have given what you said considerable thought and reflection, after which it occurred to me that my friend actually lives in South Mpls, and in all probability that’s his sign that says “Happy to Pay More to Finance My Bureaucrat Pal’s New Boat”………..Grrrrrrrr…(wink)

  10. “I guess its a good thing that they have some kind of representation to look out for themselves “

    That 9 to 11 then 1 to 3 workday sure is a grind. Good thing they have the union to keep them safe!!!!!!!!

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