Protest! With Bacon!

Well, it’s official – at least a few of us are going to be meeting out at the Riverside Oasis Café in Stillwater tomorrow morning at 8 AM.

Our goal, of course, will be to put our appetites where our mouths are when it comes to the left’s whingeing about the café putting a “minimum wage fee” on their receipts, showing customers the impact of the DFL’s minimum wage hike on their bill.

The DFL – including Gov. Mumbles – have reacted to this “affront to employee dignity” by ranting like spoiled toddlers and threatening to boycott the restaurant, throwing the benighted employees of work.
So I’ll take my First Amendment with the side of hashbrowns, please.

And if you happen to be in Stillwater at 8 AM tomorrow, stop on by.

7 thoughts on “Protest! With Bacon!

  1. Maybe this will start a movement. I know every restaurant that does this in the twin cities will have my business once every three months or more.

  2. I’d love to go, but I’ll be working at 8am tomorrow. Let them know that there are more of us that will be stopping by to show our support when we have time. I’ve also heard good things about the food.
    On a directly related note to this “affront to employee dignity.” I’ve seen several libs bitching about this article on Facebook.
    Maybe I’ll get my act together and make my own blog post about the level of stupid and vitriol in this article.

  3. Left logic: Don’t be transparent, we want the results of our policies hidden from our eyes!

    The restaurant is being unfair to the employees, don’t eat there so it closes. That will make things better for the employees.

    That sounds like: We had to destroy the village to save it.

  4. I haven’t looked at the Verizon bill lately (too painful), but IIRC, doesn’t it break down all the fees/taxes mandated to provide service to rural areas and less fortunate folks?

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