Social Distortion

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Liberals don’t mind open borders because those immigrants won’t take their jobs, or their kids. And government spending doesn’t matter because government loans never have to be repaid. Half a million illegal immigrants have swarmed the border this year, all claiming to be refugees entitled to food, shelter, medical care, in-state tuition and public defenders. Oh, and interpreters, because although they don’t speak English they sure as Hell know their rights.
In completely unrelated news, .22 LR shells are still impossible to find on the shelves, as right-wing kook bitter clinging racist homophobes continue to snatch them up the instant they roll off the truck.
This cannot end well.
Joe Doakes

That which cannot be sustained, won’t be.

10 thoughts on “Social Distortion

  1. Rich liberals don’t have t worry about the waiting room of their specialists getting clogged with illeagals waiting free heath care, or the elite private schools that their children go to getting swamped with illegals who don’t speak english and basciallhy paralyzing education for the citizens.

  2. If the 350K+ influx of this summer were evenly divided between; board certified & licensed doctors, properly credentialed k-12 teachers, RNs, chemical and electrical engineers with PhDs, and post doc geologists you can bet that border would slam shut in a hurry. Nothing like watching their 6 figure incomes dwindle into the mid-5 range to focus their minds on policy issues.

  3. Vampire, you are very naive if you believe border flood does not affect ALL the professions you just cited… and then some.

  4. JPA,
    PoD lets me off the leash now and again….
    I agree it affects all the professions listed, but not with the corrosive immediacy that it hits an $18/hr welder or $12/hr roofer.

  5. I wonder if this latest mess will bring life back to the voter ID issue? Perhaps this situation may have some positive effects. I heard today that immigration has now become the number one issue for US citizens. It had been fairly low on the list of worries.

    I still remain fairly sure that the president, if the job loses it’s appeal (including blind obedience and mass worship of him) might just walk away. “I quit”.

    But before doing so, unleashing some type of crisis on us to remember him by. This invasion of expectant “children”, and subsequent reunion with their extended family from south of the border, but on our side of it, fits the bill.

  6. It is striking that the best predictors for a vote for Democrats are to be in a rich enclave (with illegal immigrant nanny, cooks, gardeners, etc..?), or to be receiving welfare payments.

    But that said, it’s worth noting that yes, family members do from time to time fall in love with the hired help, especially when hired help is physically fit and the family members and friends are gross through inactivity. It’s also worth noting that while “mere millionaires” can pull rank at specialty shops, one needs to be a billionaire or head of state to pull the same trick at a place like Mayo.

    So if indeed an over-burden of the poor–immigrants or otherwise–will adversely affect all of those who can not claim the personal patronage of billionaires or heads of state if that over-burden adversely affects medical care (or other products) in general.

    For that matter, if the tax on medical devices stalls innovation–and thousands of layoffs in that field is witness of that–even the richest and most powerful man cannot demand a therapy that has not been invented, or the services of a doctor who has decided enough is enough.

    So it occurs to me that standing for the left and against economics penalizes even the plutocracy.

  7. Like I said PoD has me on a short leash – I don’t get out much.

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