My Apologies To Heather Martens

To: Heather Martens
From: Mitch Berg, Your Longtime Nemesis
Re:  Apology

Ms. Martens,

For most of the past decade and change, I’ve been running down your accuracy, your knowledge of Second Amendment issues, and the extent to which you confused “purchased lobbying power” with “fact”.  Whenever you’ve opened your mouth about anything gun-related, I’ve snickered, comparing  your command of logic and fact with, say, Jessica Simpson or Jeanne Kasem.

But Rolling Stone’s Krystyn Gwynne has certainly qualified for a job on “Protect MN”‘s executive committee. 

That is all.

16 thoughts on “My Apologies To Heather Martens

  1. As I posted on Facebook, and would have posted on my blog, if it weren’t inexplicably unavailable:

    The 4 most dumberest rocks in the world:

    1. Metamorphic
    2. Igneous
    3. Sedimentary
    4. Rolling Stone

  2. From the Rolling Stone article:
    “Rifles were created to improve the accuracy of smoothbore muskets, for which the musket ball was often an bad fit due to manufacturing complications.”

  3. Remember Krystyn Gwynne does have a college degree, how else would you describe her capacity for discernment.

  4. Remembering the history of the 20th century, it strikes me that the most dangerous firearm is not to have one at all. All of the major genocides of the 20th century were not surprisingly perpetrated on unarmed victims.

  5. Years back, Rolling Stone was a pretty decent music-oriented magazine.

    Now days, Rolling Stone is just like People Magazine, but with a liberal usage of the “F-word” …

    MTV experienced the same degeneration …

  6. “. . . we also learn that pistols are popular among handgun owners.”

    Think the author was intentionally making the distinction between pistols and revolvers? If so, I’d have to give points for accuracy …

  7. Joe, Wyatt Earp carried pistols. His were revolvers. Semi-automatic pistols, while seemingly the majority of pistols sold (I don’t know if that is true, just my impression) are not the only kind of pistol. Dueling pistols are single shot and still pistols.

  8. Hi Loren … I don’t mean to sound like a coffee-break commando, the type who rages at the use of the word “clip” for “magazine.” But strictly defined, a pistol is a handgun on which the chamber is located in the barrel; one piece for both functions. A Thompson Contender and most semi-auto handguns fit this description:

    If used that way, the author might have meant to say that most hand gunners prefer weapons designed with this feature; the current popularity of 1911 pattern and high capacity (actually standard capacity) pistols might sustain the thought. Again, it may have been used as a generic term for handgun. Don’t know …

  9. Well Joe, I still think that Samuel Colt designed and sold pistols. They happened to be revolvers as well.

  10. Again, it may have been used as a generic term for handgun. Don’t know …

    Given the overall stupidity of the article, I highly doubt she knows enough about firearms to make a meaningful distinction between “pistol”, “revolver” and “handgun”.

    Or “clip” and “magazine” for that matter.

  11. Fellas, you’re getting to smart for your own good. The big deal here is that in naming the most dangerous firearms, the author went through every category, and omitted the danger of not having one at all.

  12. At least she did not call handguns ‘short arms’. Probably an oversight.

  13. Well, I can’t wait for the next article highlighting a deadly gang shootout involving derringers!

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