Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Minneapolis trying pop-up parks to stop teen violence. Also:

“One goal for the pop-up parks is to connect kids with at least one caring adult who can act as a mentor and help them make good choices.”

In the Olden Days, these were known as Fathers. They’re obsolete now, replaced by government social programs.

Joe Doakes

Not so much “obsolete” as “officially denounced”.

2 thoughts on “Compensation

  1. That line is from Sasha Cotten, Minneapolis Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator. Is it now the official policy of the City of Minneapolis that Black children do not even have ONE caring adult at home to help them make good choices? Black parents don’t care about their children, or are incompetent to guide them, so the City must step in?

    White Man’s Burden, I guess. Hey Bush, we got your “soft bigotry of low expectations” right here.

  2. “Father” could be a job designation. We could hire these deadbeat dads to actually babysit their own kids! I’m only half-joking. It would fit the mold of insanity that only government bureaucrats cannot put in focus.

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