High Time

At long last (within the next decade, anyway) as a growing plurality of Russians long for the Stalinist good ol’ days and as Marxism essentially controls the American academy – the US will be building a museum dedicated to the victims of Communism.

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation wants to break ground on a museum in Washington in October 2017, in time for the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution that created the Soviet Union.

“What we see in Ukraine and Russia grappling with and dealing with the toxic legacy of Soviet communism in that part of the world, I think there is a growing awareness that this is a very serious and real issue,” said Marion Smith, executive director of the foundation.

The museum would house documents, art and other historical artifacts, Mr. Smith said. While the foundation has some material, he said it is working with donors to gather other collections and would plan to work internationally with museums in former communist countries for rotating exhibits.

The perfect theme?

Long lines to get in, surly and disconnected service, and the “general admission” tickets are cheap but provide shoddy access, while the limited number of “Deluxe” tickets – let’s call ’em “Dacha” tickets – get you caviar, top-shelf vodka, and a view of the actual exhibits.


3 thoughts on “High Time

  1. ” . . . the US will be building a museum dedicated to the victims of Communism.”
    Not the US. The only donor so far is the Hungarian government.

  2. Dress up actors as Beria’s Secret Police to randomly seize people out of line and drag them away while shouting “Enemy of the People.”

  3. You missed some things. There will be lines, the chocolate will be to Hershey’s what Hershey’s is to Lindt or Scharffen-Berger, you will pay with aluminium money, the soldiers will be wearing rebadged Wehrmacht uniforms, buildings bombed in World War II will still be unrepaired, and the cola you buy tastes like it was taken from the battery of a Trabant. You are followed whenever you leave the Alexanderplatz.

    And when you get to the other side of Checkpoint Charlie at the end of the day, you will kiss the ground.

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